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MiTiSegmenter: Software for high throughput segmentation and meshing of microCT data in microtiter plate arrays Kendrick Connah;Buckley Michael;Charlotte Brassey (1-15)

Method for the estimation of institutional quality indexes using fuzzy logic Vinícius Souza Ribeiro (1-14)

Simultaneous determination of tryptophan, 5-hydroxytryptophan, tryptamine, serotonin, and 5-HIAA in small volumes of mouse serum using UHPLC-ED Anthony Gallegos;Roslyn Rivkah Isseroff (1-9)

An incubation water eDNA method for a non-destructive rapid molecular identification of Pinna nobilis and Pinna rudis bivalve juveniles Gaetano Catanese;José Tena-Medialdea;Marija Aleksandra Bel Dajković;Milena Mičić;José Rafaél García-March (1-8)

Optimum estimator in simple random sampling using two auxiliary attributes with application in agriculture, fisheries and education sectors Monika Saini;Bhatt Ravi Jitendrakumar;Ashish Kumar (1-13)

MatGel: A MATLAB program for quantitative analysis of 2D polyacrylamide electrophoresis (2D-PAGE) protein gel images Alka Tiwari;W. Paul Williams;Xueyan Shan (1-5)

Comprehensive step-by-step procedure to setup a molecular communication through liquid experiment Federico Calì;Luca Fichera;Nunzio Tuccitto (1-11)

A spectroscopic method for monitoring photochemical reactions in the gas phase Bedabyas Behera;Prasanta Das (1-8)

Conditional probabilities and Bayesian theorem in the study of animal disease introduction. (a didactic approach in environmental risk analysis) Daniela Laura Picardi (1-5)

Technical note: Design, development and validation of an automated gas monitoring equipment for measurement of the dynamics of microbial fermentation Seyed Mohammad Hadi Rahavi;Farhad Ahmadi;Ahmad Vahid;Hamidreza Moinoddini;Mostafa Ghayour (1-11)

A groundwater security model based on hydraulic turnover times and flow compartments Fernando António Leal Pacheco;Marília Carvalho de Melo;Teresa Cristina Tarlé Pissarra;Xana Álvarez;Lisa Maria de Oliveira Martins (1-12)

Methodology for quantitative rock characterisation using multiple imaging systems and random particles generation Pia Lois-Morales;Catherine Evans;Dion Weatherley (1-15)

Increased biological and cathodic hydrogen production using a novel integrated thermophilic fermenter and dual anion exchange membrane bioelectrochemical system Nadali Alavi;Monireh Majlessi;Nazak Amanidaz;Mirzaman Zamanzadeh;Mohammad Rafiee (1-12)

Calculating incidence of Influenza-like and COVID-like symptoms from Flutracking participatory survey data Emily P. Harvey;Joel A. Trent;Frank Mackenzie;Steven M. Turnbull;Dion R.J. O’Neale (1-15)

Friction factor evaluation in tidal rivers and estuaries Evgeniya Panchenko;Andrei Alabyan (1-9)

Methods for mitochondrial health assessment by High Content Imaging System Chatnapa Panusatid;Nattachai Thangsiriskul;Chayanon Peerapittayamongkol (1-31)

Hierarchical change-point regression models including random effects to estimate empirical critical loads for nitrogen using Bayesian Regression Models (brms) and JAGS Tobias Roth;Simon Tresch;Enzai Du;Sabine Braun (1-9)

Combining mass spectrometry and genetic labeling in mice to report TRP channel expression Philipp Wartenberg;Femke Lux;Kai Busch;Claudia Fecher-Trost;Amanda Wyatt (1-13)

PADA-AD Test - a standardized test method for assessing takeover performance of drivers during automated driving Nadja Schömig;Katharina Wiedemann;Dietrich Manstetten;Tristan Wehner;Alexandra Neukum (1-30)

A protocol for the generation of EPO - Producing neural crest cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells Angelo Michele Lavecchia;Sara Buttò;Christodoulos Xinaris (1-5)

Lanthanoid analysis in seawater by seaFAST-SP3™ system in off-line mode and magnetic sector high-resolution inductively coupled plasma source mass spectrometer M.F. Soto-Jiménez;A.I. Martinez-Salcido;O. Morton-Bermea;M.J. Ochoa-Izaguirre (1-9)

Relative geographic concentration of creative, other traded, and local industries using establishment data and Harvard's U.S. Cluster Mapping Benchmark Definitions John Schoales (1-8)

A method to reproduce pH and Eh environmental changes due to sediment resuspension M. C Vicente;C.L. Trevisan;A. C. B Carvalho;W.T. Machado;J.C. Wasserman (1-6)

A new colorimetric method for determining antioxidant levels using 3,5-dibromo-4-nitrosobenzene sulfonate (DBNBS) Takeki Hamasaki;Taichi Kashiwagi;Takaaki Komatsu;Shigeru Kabayama;Noboru Nakamichi (1-8)

A green synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using Musa Paradisiaca and Rooibos extracts GV Lyimo;RF Ajayi;E Maboza;RZ Adam (1-8)

Western Agarose Native GeELution (WANGEL) with beta-amyloid and tau: Novel method to elute proteins or peptides using native agarose gels followed by Lumipulse assay Dhwani S. Korde;Christian Humpel (1-10)

Effect of fire factors (smoke, ash, charcoal and heat) on seeds of plant species Óscar Cruz;Sheila F. Riveiro;Mercedes Casal;Otilia Reyes (1-6)

Optimization of the CYP inhibition assay using LC-MS/MS Muhammad Asyraf Abduraman;Nor Hidayah Mustafa;Nik Soriani Yaacob;Azimah Amanah;Mei Lan Tan (1-14)

Modeling the impact of social media on the adoption of a new product by customers Jyoti Maurya;Kanishka Goyal;A.K. Misra (1-14)

Rapid and specific detection of Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes using a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay Mi-Ran Seo;Hyo Seok Kim;Young Bok Lee;Sun Shin;Yeun-Jun Chung (1-9)

More than just a number of publications: Unity Index, an alternative “ranking” for bibliometric analyses Carlos Plata (1-14)

Enhanced green view index Harish Puppala;Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada;Byungmin Kim;Pranav R.  T. Peddinti (1-7)

An improved RT-qPCR method for direct quantification of enveloped RNA viruses Pavlina Gregorova;Minna-Maria K. Heinonen;L. Peter Sarin (1-9)

Flexible and cost-effective cryptographic encryption algorithm for securing unencrypted database files at rest and in transit Vaheedbasha Shaik;Dr. Natarajan K (1-17)

Recommendations to guide sampling effort for polygon-based participatory mapping used to identify perceived ecosystem services hotspots Rachael H. Carrie;Lindsay C. Stringer;Thi Van Hue Le;Nguyen Hong Quang;Christopher R. Hackney (1-10)

Pre–treatment method to avoid contamination for radiocarbon dating of organic–rich coastal deposits Qiang Yao;Kam-biu Liu;Erika Rodrigues (1-7)

An approach for monitoring temperature on fruit surface by means of thermal point cloud Nikos Tsoulias;Sven Jörissen;Andreas Nüchter (1-17)

Compilation of an economy-wide material flow database for 14 stock-building materials in 177 countries from 1900 to 2016 Barbara Plank;Jan Streeck;Doris Virág;Fridolin Krausmann;Helmut Haberl (1-54)

Craniotomy for acute monitoring of pial vessels in the rodent brain Refat Aboghazleh;Baraah Alkahmous;Evyatar Swissa;Saara Mansoor;Alon Friedman (1-6)

Quantifying the reproductive progression of sunflower using FIJI (Image J) Ana Claudia Ochogavía (1-10)

Evaluation of three methods for betanin quantification in fruits from cacti Luisaldo Sandate-Flores;Diana Valeria Rodríguez-Hernán;Magdalena Rostro-Alanis;Elda M. Melchor-Martínez;Carlos Brambila-Paz (1-8)

Method to analyse welfare effect of transferable quotas in an open economy with rent-seeking for quotas Yoshihiro Hamaguchi (1-9)

Optimization of murine retinal mitochondrial injury model Xiaopeng Zhou;Gengjing Fang;Liping Zhang (1-4)

Fuzzy inference systems for mineral prospectivity modeling-optimized using Monte Carlo simulations Bijal Chudasama (1-15)

Statistical tests for non-independent partitions of large autocorrelated datasets Anthony R. Ives;Likai Zhu;Fangfang Wang;Jun Zhu;Clay J. Morrow (1-12)

An operational guide to resin 3D printing of geological macromodels Mohamed Idris;Thomas Daniel Seers;Nayef Alyafei (1-9)

Developing a novel computer visualization system to simulate the uranium upward transport mechanism: Uranium pollution in arid landscapes Joshua E. Lou;Lucas F. Larson;Samuel M. Han;Naira Ibrahim;Fengxiang X. Han (1-14)

ORIGINS: A protein network-based approach to quantify cell pluripotency from scRNA-seq data Daniela Senra;Nara Guisoni;Luis Diambra (1-12)

Stress distribution around kerogen particles as a measure of the initiation of bitumen-filled microfractures in organic-rich source rocks Akbar N. Wicaksono;Israa S. Abu-Mahfouz;Erdem Idiz;Joe Cartwright;J. Carlos Santamarina (1-4)

Algorithmic approach to find S -consistency in Common-Edge signed graph Anshu Sethi;Deepa Sinha;Obaidullah Wardak (1-10)

Optimization of the Omni-ATAC protocol to chromatin accessibility profiling in snap-frozen rat adipose and muscle tissues Venugopalan D. Nair;Mital Vasoya;Vishnu Nair;Gregory R. Smith;Hanna Pincas (1-9)

From single to multivariable exposure models to translate climatic and air pollution effects into mortality risk. A customized application to the city of Rome, Italy M. Michetti;M. Adani;A. Anav;B. Benassi;C. Dalmastri (1-15)

Method for analyzing HR-TEM micrographs to propose and/or describe structures and their interaction in crystalline materials R. Obeso–Estrella;B. Pawelec;N. Mota;L.A. Flores–Sanchez;J.M. Quintana–Melgoza (1-10)

Separation and detection of D-/L-serine by conventional HPLC Hiroki Shikanai;Kazuko Ikimura;Momoko Miura;Tsugumi Shindo;Akane Watarai (1-9)

A simple and reliable microfabrication process for a programmable microvalve array Zachary Estlack;Beau Compton;Md Enayet Razu;Jungkyu Kim (1-13)

Selection-free endogenous tagging of cell lines by bicistronic co-expression of the surface antigen NGFR Marcel Seibert;Nina Kurrle;Verena Stolp;Heike Nürnberger;Sandra Tzschentke (1-20)

An in vivo assay to study locomotion in Caenorhabditis elegans Mohamed Abdelhack (1-8)

The misinterpretation of structure effects of the LMDI and an alternative index decomposition Nicolas Roux;Barbara Plank (1-12)

Multi-method simulation modelling of circular manufacturing systems for enhanced decision-making Malvina Roci;Niloufar Salehi;Saman Amir;Farazee.M.A. Asif;Sayyed Shoaib-ul-Hasan (1-21)

Method to determine the decolorization potential of persistent dyes by white rot fungi by colorimetric assays Christian Zafiu;Seta Küpcü;Mika A. Kähkönen (1-10)

An optimized protocol for evaluating pathogenicity of VHL germline variants in patients suspected with von Hippel-Lindau syndrome: Using somatic genome to inform the role of germline variants Diane R. Koeller;Danielle K. Manning;Alison Schwartz;Anu Chittenden;Connor P. Hayes (1-8)

A method to extract slip system dependent information for crystal plasticity models Dylan Agius;Abdullah Al Mamun;Christopher Truman;Mahmoud Mostafavi;David Knowles (1-13)

Purification, characterization and functional site prediction of the vaccinia-related kinase 2A small transmembrane domain Rashmi Puja;Ayon Chakraborty;Shubhankar Dutta;Kakoli Bose (1-13)

In vitro cell culture models for ultrasound treatments using collagen-based scaffolds Sanjana Gopalakrishnan;Aarohi Gupta;Dorcas Matuwana;John J. Amante;Cathal J. Kearney (1-9)

Stabilization of swine faecal samples influences taxonomic and functional results in microbiome analyses Xavier C. Monger;Linda Saucier;Alex-An Gilbert;Antony T. Vincent (1-11)

An improved method for murine laser-induced choroidal neovascularization lesion quantification from optical coherence tomography images Nathan R. Jensen;Nathan Lambert-Cheatham;Gabriella D. Hartman;Anbukkarasi Muniyandi;Bomina Park (1-7)

A system for spatial hearing research Arivudai Nambi Pitchai Muthu;Hasna Fathima;Vibha Kanagokar;Jayashree S. Bhat;Sathish Kumar (1-8)

Trans enantiomeric separation of MESA and MOXA, two environmentally important metabolites of the herbicide, metolachlor Marla R. Bianca;Clifford P. Rice;Robert Lupitskyy;Rebecca E. Plummer;Gregory W. McCarty (1-11)

Measuring the force of the tip of the elephants trunk Raphaël Cornette;Arnaud Delapré;Céline Houssin;Baptiste Mulot;Emmanuelle Pouydebat (1-10)

High order approximation on non-uniform meshes for generalized time-fractional telegraph equation Farheen Sultana;Rajesh K. Pandey;Deeksha Singh;Om P. Agrawal (1-24)

Biofluids manipulation methods for liquid biopsy in minimally-invasive assays Valeria Garzarelli;Francesco Ferrara;Elisabetta Primiceri;Maria Serena Chiriacò (1-15)

HPLC fractionation with immunoassay of steroids from nipple aspirate fluid Richard E. Heinz;Robert T. Chatterton (1-9)

Prediction and evaluation of healthy and unhealthy status of COVID-19 patients using wearable device prototype data Shaik Asif Hussain;Nizar Al Bassam;Amer Zayegh;Sana Al Ghawi (1-10)

Fusing compressed deep ConvNets with a self-normalizing residual block and alpha dropout for a cost-efficient classification and diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract diseases Francis Jesmar P. Montalbo (1-13)

Nonparametric percentile curve estimation for a nonnegative marker with excessive zeros Oke Gerke;Robyn L. McClelland (1-8)

TASOW – A tool for the automated selection of potential windbreaks Simon Scheper;Barbara Kitzler;Thomas Weninger;Peter Strauss;Kerstin Michel (1-12)

Methods for studying group loans, join responsibility, and women's empowerment Efa Wahyu Prastyaningtyas;Sri Umi Mintarti Widjaja;Hari Wahyono;Endang Sri Andayani;Jack Febrian Rusdi (1-11)

Temporal stability and change in manifest intelligence scores: Four complementary analytic approaches Moritz Breit;Vsevolod Scherrer;Franzis Preckel (1-12)

Application of unmanned aerial system structure from motion point cloud detected tree heights and stem diameters to model missing stem diameters Neal C. Swayze;Wade T. Tinkham (1-11)

Procedure of the overexpression, purification and crystallization of BLEG-1, a bifunctional and evolutionary divergent B3 metallo-β-lactamase, for structure-function studies Shaw Xian Au;Noor Dina Muhd Noor;Hiroyoshi Matsumura;Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abdul Ra;Yahaya M. Normi (1-11)

On evaluating the efficiency of the delta-lognormal mean estimator and predictor Philippe Aubry (1-17)

Analysis of HMF and furfural in hydrolyzed lignocellulosic biomass by HPLC-DAD-based method using FDCA as internal standard Cristian Acker Godoy;Patrícia Valderrama;Andreia Cristina Furtado;Marcela Boroski (1-5)

A method for bivalve shells characterization by FT-IR photoacoustic spectroscopy as a tool for environmental studies L. Giordano;L. Ferraro;C. Caroppo;F. Rubino;F.P. Buonocunto (1-10)

Contact model for DEM simulation of compaction and sintering of all-solid-state battery electrodes Magnus So;Gen Inoue;Kayoung Park;Keita Nunoshita;Shota Ishikawa (1-12)

Using an intelligent control scheme in the open-source design on non-invasive rehabilitation platform of physical therapy for patient Ha Quang Thinh Ngo (1-14)

New complementary python codes to locate Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and Overlapping G-Quadruplex Sequences (G4s) Mona SAAD;Marc Shebaby;Cybel Mehawej;Wissam Faour (1-5)

Development of an HPLC-DAD method for the simultaneous analysis of four xenoestrogens in water and its application for monitoring photocatalytic degradation Khirbet López-Velázquez;Jorge L. Guzmán-Mar;T. Montalvo-Herrera;Sandra Y. Mendiola-Alvarez;Minerva Villanueva-Rodríguez (1-7)

Quantifying the health effects of exposure to non-exhaust road emissions using agent-based modelling (ABM) Hyesop Shin (1-41)

Protocol methodology for permission release in the construction of a written corpus Muhamad Fadzllah Zaini;Mazura Mastura Muhammad;Norliza Jamaluddin;Md. Zahril Nizam Md. Yusoff;Nordiana Hamzah (1-6)

Extraction and purification of glomalin-related soil protein (GRSP) to determine the associated trace metal(loid)s Hanyi Li;Bo Yuan;Chongling Yan;Qingxian Lin;Jiajia Wu (1-7)

S-map parameters for APSIM Iris Vogeler;Linda Lilburne;Trevor Webb;Rogerio Cichota;Joanna Sharp (1-16)

Method of kinetic characterization of immunoreagents for development of express high-sensitive assays for detection of ochratoxin A and heart fatty acids binding protein Alexey V. Orlov;Juri A. Malkerov;Denis O. Novichikhin;Alexei I. Nikitin;Gennadiy M. Sorokin (1-6)

Groundwater well optimization to minimize contaminant movement from a surficial shallow aquifer to a lower water supply aquifer using stochastic simulation-optimization modeling techniques: Strategy formulation Sondipon Paul;Brian Waldron;Farhad Jazaei;Daniel Larsen;Scott Schoefernacker (1-15)

An optimized protocol for total RNA isolation from archived formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues to identify the long non-coding RNA in oral squamous cell carcinomas Kiran Kumar;Ajaykumar Oli;Kaveri Hallikeri;A S Shilpasree;Mallikarjun Goni (1-12)

Deep learning program to predict protein functions based on sequence information Chang Woo Ko;June Huh;Jong-Wan Park (1-11)

A method for assessing the frequency of hormetic trade-offs in plants Elena A. Erofeeva (1-6)

Use of VOC Chambers to evaluate the impact of microbial volatile compounds on dry grain insect pests Samuel Álvarez-García;Santiago Gutiérrez;Pedro A. Casquero (1-11)

Analyzing tourism reviews using an LDA topic-based sentiment analysis approach Twil Ali;Bencharef Omar;Kaloun Soulaimane (1-10)

A fast open-source Fiji-macro to quantify virus infection and transfection on single-cell level by fluorescence microscopy Yannic Kerkhoff;Stefanie Wedepohl;Chuanxiong Nie;Vahid Ahmadi;Rainer Haag (1-10)

Parallel multigrid method for solving inverse problems H.K. Al-Mahdawi;A. I Sidikova;Hussein Alkattan;Mostafa Abotaleb;Ammar Kadi (1-15)

Data Desa Presisi: A new method of rural data collection Sofyan Sjaf;Sampean;Ahmad Aulia Arsyad;La Elson;Afan Ray Mahardika (1-14)

A learning-based algorithm for generation of synthetic participatory mapping data in 2D and 3D Kamyar Hasanzadeh;Nora Fagerholm (1-10)

Raman and UVN+LWIR LIBS detection system for in-situ surface chemical identification Clayton S.C. Yang;Dina M. Bower;Feng Jin;Tilak Hewagama;Shahid Aslam (1-11)

An all-inclusive approach: A universal protocol for the successful amplification of four genetic loci of all Onscidea Andreas C. Dimitriou;Spyros Sfenthourakis (1-16)

Integrated structural equation modeling and causal steps in evaluating the role of the mediating variable Muhammad Syafiq;Sirojuzilam;Badaruddin;Agus Purwoko (1-7)

Methods for evaluating technical innovations in the implementation of energy-saving measures in enterprises Svetlana Drobyazko;Tetiana Hilorme (1-10)

A methodology for determining the local mechanical properties of model atomistic glassy polymeric nanostructured materials Hilal Reda;Anthony Chazirakis;Alireza F. Behbahani;Nikos Savva;Vagelis Harmandaris (1-13)

Determining the appropriate number of particles on a filter to allow small microplastics to be analyzed by microscopy Haodong Xu;Hisayuki Arakawa (1-8)

Synthesis and characterization of poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) and nanomagnetite structures Mariana de Oliveira Reis;Ricardo Geraldo de Sousa;Adriana de Souza Medeiros Bati (1-12)

Simple extraction methods for pesticide compound-specific isotope analysis from environmental samples Tetyana Gilevska;Charline Wiegert;Boris Droz;Tobias Junginger;Maria Prieto-Espinoza (1-12)

A flow-through imaging system for automated measurement of ichthyoplankton David R. Williamson;Trond Nordtug;Frode Leirvik;Bjarne Kvæstad;Bjørn Henrik Hansen (1-15)

A methodology to evaluate contact areas and indentations of human fingertips based on 3D techniques for haptic purposes Silvia Logozzo;Maria Cristina Valigi;Monica Malvezzi (1-14)

Adaptive data-driven age and patch mixing in contact networks with recurrent mobility Jesse Knight;Huiting Ma;Amir Ghasemi;Mackenzie Hamilton;Kevin Brown (1-15)

A simple and robust HPLC method to analyze lutein in wheat Bangbang Wu;Xiaohua Li;Xingwei Zheng;Jiajia Zhao;Ling Qiao (1-4)

Modelling and fabrication procedure for a 3D printed cardiac model - surgical planning of Left Ventricular Aneurysm Francesco Buonamici;Elisa Mussi;Chiara Santarelli;Nazario Carrabba;Pierluigi Stefano (1-21)

Uniformly convergent computational method for singularly perturbed unsteady burger-huxley equation Imiru Takele Daba;Gemechis File Duressa (1-17)

Development of Intrinsic Seismic Vulnerability Index (ISVI) for assessing roadway system and its assets framework Ahmad Mohamad El‐Maissi;Sotirios A. Argyroudis;Moustafa Moufid Kassem;Fadzli Mohamed Nazri (1-14)

WCM: A web content‐based method of stakeholder analysis Susanne Raum;Felicity Rawlings-Sanaei (1-8)

Adjusting line quantum sensing to improve leaf area index measurements and estimations in forests Guyen Battuvshin;Lucas Menzel (1-12)

High-frequency ultrasound processes as alternative methods for degrading meropenem antibiotic in water Kevin Celis-Llamoca;Efraím A. Serna-Galvis;Ricardo A. Torres-Palma;Jessica I. Nieto-Juárez (1-7)

Measurement of ice friction and aerodynamic drag for sliding on ice: Faster sliding in winter sports Marina Cerpinska;Karlis Agris Gross;Janis Viba;Martins Irbe (1-7)

An original Arduino-controlled anaerobic bioreactor packed with biochar as a porous filter media Yusuf Küçükağa;Andrea Facchin;Cristian Torri;Serdar Kara (1-15)

So, you want to create a frog cell line? A guide to establishing frog skin cell lines from tissue explants Maxwell P. Bui-Marinos;Lauren A. Todd;Alexander J. Douglas;Barbara A. Katzenback (1-15)

Optimization of acquisition and processing times for the measurement of 1H to 13C polarization transfer kinetics X. Falourd;M. Lahaye;C. Rondeau-Mouro (1-12)

Culture independent DNA extraction method for bacterial cells concentrated from water K.B. Hoorzook;T.G. Barnard (1-14)

Nitrocellulose redox permanganometry: A simple method for reductive capacity assessment Jan Homolak;Ivan Kodvanj;Ana Babic Perhoc;Davor Virag;Ana Knezovic (1-8)

Reproducible determination of transpulmonary pressures G.R.A. De Meyer;S.G. Morrison;V. Saldien;P.G. Jorens;T. Schepens (1-9)

Water column compensation workflow for hyperspectral imaging data Deep Inamdar;Gillian S.L. Rowan;Margaret Kalacska;J. Pablo Arroyo-Mora (1-17)

Detecting formal and informal interests in forest governance Jiacheng Zhao;Max Krott;Jinlong Liu;Lukas Giessen;Jiayun Dong (1-7)

The plastics integrated assessment model (PLAIA): Assessing emission mitigation pathways and circular economy strategies for the plastics sector Paul Stegmann;Vassilis Daioglou;Marc Londo;Martin Junginger (1-31)

Protocol of conjugate evaluation of the biological activity of soils in terms of cellulolytic activity and biological consumption of oxygen Pavel P. Krechetov;Anna V. Sharapova;Ivan N. Semenkov;Tatiana V. Koroleva (1-7)

Corrigendum to: Qualitative analysis of post-consumer and post-industrial waste via near-infrared, visual and induction identification with experimental sensor-based sorting setup K. Friedrich;G. Koinig;R. Pomberger;D. Vollprecht (1-2)

Multiplex Human Papillomavirus L1L2 virus-like particle antibody binding assay Kavita Panwar;Anna Godi;Clementina E. Cocuzza;Nick Andrews;Jo Southern (1-11)

Project SWAVE 2.0: An overview of the study design for multimodal placental image acquisition and alignment Farah Deeba;Ricky Hu;Victoria Lessoway;Jefferson Terry;Denise Pugash (1-18)

A benchmarking protocol for intact protein-level Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) labeling for quantitative top-down proteomics Yanting Guo;Dahang Yu;Kellye A. Cupp-Sutton;Xiaowen Liu;Si Wu (1-8)

Analytical method to derive environmental policy effects in an endogenous growth model with leisure Yoshihiro Hamaguchi;Miraj Ahmed Bhuiyan;Muhammad Khalilur Rahman (1-15)

Method of approximations for the convection-dominated anomalous diffusion equation in a rectangular plate using high-resolution compact discretization Navnit Jha;Shikha Verma (1-23)

A novel approach to determine the surface area of buckspoor spider webs and other irregular-shaped two-dimensional objects Christiaan Venter;Charles Richard Haddad;Daryl Codron (1-10)

Within-forest stand (or formation, or plot) and between-forest stand (or formation, or plot) biodiversity indices Kyriaki Kitikidou;Elias Milios;Athanasios Stampoulidis;Elias Pipinis;Kalliopi Radoglou (1-6)

Online analysis of chemical composition and size distribution of fresh cigarette smoke emitted from a heated tobacco product Zuoying Wen;Xiangyu Li;Xuejun Gu;Weijun Zhang;Yongqiang Pang (1-9)

A nested high-resolution unstructured grid 3-D ocean-sea ice-ice shelf setup for numerical investigations of the Petermann ice shelf and fjord Abhay Prakash;Qin Zhou;Tore Hattermann;Weiyang Bao;Rune Graversen (1-29)

On the enrichment of time series with textual data for forecasting agricultural commodity prices Ivan José Reis Filho;Ricardo Marcondes Marcacini;Solange Oliveira Rezende (1-11)

Allele-specific and multiplex PCR based tools for cost-effective and comprehensive genetic testing in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Lavanya Ravichandran;Deny Varghese;Parthiban R;Asha H. S;Sophy Korula (1-16)

Modification of fast-slow differential agar medium for selective isolation of potential starter lactic acid bacteria from cheese Ziba Güley;Vincenzo Fallico;Tom Beresford (1-5)

Introduction to Bayesian Mindsponge Framework analytics: An innovative method for social and psychological research Minh-Hoang Nguyen;Viet-Phuong La;Tam-Tri Le;Quan-Hoang Vuong (1-16)

Concentration, purification and quantification of milk protein residues following cleaning processes using a combination of SPE and RP-HPLC Christian Kürzl;Heidi Wohlschläger;Simon Schiffer;Ulrich Kulozik (1-14)

The number of boundedly rational choices on four elements Alfio Giarlotta;Angelo Petralia;Stephen Watson (1-25)

Generation and use of functionalised hydrogels that can rapidly sample infected surfaces Thomas Swift;Abigail Pinnock;Nagaveni Shivshetty;David Pownall;Sheila MacNeil (1-18)

The comparison of Canopeo and samplepoint for measurement of green canopy cover for forage crops in India Prabhu Govindasamy;Sonu Kumar Mahawer;Debalin Sarangi;Hanamant M. Halli;T.K. Das (1-10)

Optimization of the acetic acid method for microfossil extraction from lithified carbonate rocks: Examples from the Jurassic and Miocene limestones of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Hammad Malik;Septriandi A. Chan;Lamidi O. Babalola;Michael A. Kaminski (1-16)

Mapping the spatial variability of subsurface resistivity by using vertical electrical sounding data and geostatistical analysis at Borena Area, Ethiopia Yahya Ali Abdulkadir;Shimeles Fisseha (1-18)

Computation of total soil organic carbon stock and its standard deviation from layered soils Tommaso Tadiello;Alessia Perego;Elena Valkama;Calogero Schillaci;Marco Acutis (1-7)

Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons extracted from lichens by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry Lina María Ortega Fernández;Diana Marcela Uribe Ante;Marco Tadeu Grassi;Rafael Garrett Dolatto;Nazly Efredis Sánchez (1-13)

Fully integrated colorimetric sensor based on transparency substrate for salbutamol determination Atchara Lomae;Sudkate Chaiyo;Orawon Chailapakul;Weena Siangproh;Janjira Panchompoo (1-13)

Simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens with the TaqMan Array Card Rachael Lappan;Thanavit Jirapanjawat;Deborah A. Williamson;Sigrid Lange;Steven L. Chown (1-14)

Computationally efficient barycentric interpolation of large grain boundary octonion point sets Sterling G. Baird;Eric R. Homer;David T. Fullwood;Oliver K. Johnson (1-10)

OBI: A computational tool for the analysis and systematization of the positive selection in proteins Julián H. Calvento;Franco Leonardo Bulgarelli;Ana Julia Velez Rueda (1-8)

Research on solid shell element based on penalty method Liu Xintao;Wei Yongtao (1-10)

Adaptive sparse sampling for quasiparticle interference imaging Jens Oppliger;Berk Zengin;Danyang Liu;Kevin Hauser;Catherine Witteveen (1-10)

The LC-QTOF-MS/MS analysis of acid degradation products of Rifaximin, an antibiotic Saima Baig Yaseen;Arfa Akram;Syed Ghulam Musharraf;Mehwish Wajidi;Nargis Tabassum (1-6)

Preparation of DNA interstrand cross-link repair intermediates induced by abasic sites Jin Tang;Linlin Zhao (1-7)

A simple judgment method for joint action of antibacterial agents on bacterial resistance Liang Tang;Danqing Tong;Yulian Zhang;Jiajun Wang;Haoyu Sun (1-10)

Bayesian inference of molecular kinetic parameters from astrocyte calcium imaging data Ivan V. Maly;Wilma A. Hofmann (1-9)

Consensus combining outcomes of multiple ensemble dockings: examples using dDAT crystalized complexes Fabiani Triches;Francieli Triches;Cilene Lino de Oliveira (1-12)

Methodology to evaluate stress corrosion cracking in ethanol environments, applied to circumferential welds on API 5 L steel pipelines Elielson A. Santos;Vinícius Giorgetti;José B. Marcomini;Marcos R. Monteiro;Andrea M. Kliauga (1-12)

Determination of glyphosate and AMPA in freshwater and soil from agroecosystems by 9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl chloride derivatization and liquid chromatography - fluorescence detection and tandem mass spectrometry Beatriz Alonso;Luciana Griffero;Heinkel Bentos Pereira;Lucía Pareja;Andrés Pérez Parada (1-10)

Analysis of sugar crystal size in honey Mareike Weber;Mario Meixner;Reinhard Dasbach;Wilfried Rozhon;Margot Dasbach (1-8)

Methodology for the identification of relevant loci for milk traits in dairy cattle, using machine learning algorithms María Agustina Raschia;Pablo Javier Ríos;Daniel Omar Maizon;Daniel Demitrio;Mario Andrés Poli (1-6)

An improved tangent search algorithm Probhat Pachung;Jagdish Chand Bansal (1-27)

Adapting a Quercus robur allometric equation to quantify carbon sequestration rates on the Middle Elbe floodplain Heather Alyson Shupe;Kai Jensen;Kristin Ludewig (1-6)

Standard method for performing positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) measurements of froth flotation at PEPT Cape Town Katie Cole;Daniel J. Barker;Pablo R. Brito-Parada;Andy Buffler;Kathryn Hadler (1-19)

Measuring the high life: A method for assessing apartment design policy implementation Paula Hooper;Julian Bolleter;Nicole Edwards;Alexandra Kleeman;Anthony Duckworth (1-28)

Mass balance of complementary metasomatic processes using isocon analysis Evgeniy N. Kozlov;Ekaterina N. Fomina (1-6)

Women in bioinformatics & data science - Latin America Ana Julia Velez Rueda;Liliane Conteville;Sergio Pantano;Wendy González (1-2)

Linear programing formulation of a high temporal and technological resolution integrated energy system model for the energy transition Manuel Sánchez Diéguez;Amirhossein Fattahi;Jos Sijm;Germán Morales España;André Faaij (1-20)

Analysis of bilateral muscle coordination for characterizing neuromuscular function in postural control Arunee Promsri (1-9)

Analytical solution of a non-homogeneous boundary-value problem for the transport equation in an earth to air energy exchanger by initial base analysis method Landry Jean Pierre Gomat;Diogène Vianney Pongui Ngoma (1-12)

Fabrication methods for high reflectance dielectric-metal point contact rear mirror for optoelectronic devices Madhan K. Arulanandam;Myles A. Steiner;Eric J. Tervo;Alexandra R. Young;Leah Y. Kuritzky (1-12)

Missing value imputation using least squares techniques in contaminated matrices Marisol Garcia-Peña;Sergio Arciniegas-Alarcón;Wojtek J. Krzanowski (1-8)

A method for the process of collagen modified polyester from fish scales waste Erh-Jen Hou;Chi-Shih Huang;Ying-Chou Lee;Yu-San Han;Hsueh-Ting Chu (1-5)

Lab protocol for investigating impacts of climate change on frogs Muhammad Saeed;Muhammad Rais;Syeda Maria Ali;Durraj Nadeem Khosa;Ayesha Akram (1-4)

A framework model to determine groundwater contamination risk based on a L-Matrix of aquifer vulnerability and hazardous activity indices Fernando António Leal Pacheco;Victor Hugo Sarrazin Lima;Teresa Cristina Tarlé Pissarra;Renato Farias do Valle Junior;Maytê Maria Abreu Pires de Mel (1-16)

Methodology for a reverse engineering process chain with focus on customized segmentation and iterative closest point algorithms Stephan Mönchinger;Robert Schröder;Rainer Stark (1-8)

Improved fluorescent signal in expansion microscopy using fluorescent Fab fragment secondary antibodies David M. Sherry;Megan A. Stiles (1-9)

A core-based XRF scanning workflow for continuous measurement of mineralogical variations in clastic reservoirs Arif Hussain;Khalid Al-Ramadan (1-6)

The effect of action-based entrepreneurship education on intention to become an entrepreneur Omar Boubker;Khaled Naoui;Abdelaziz Ouajdouni;Maryem Arroud (1-11)

Multi-country SDGs indicator projections involving impacts of economic shocks: A protocol applied to the COVID-19 pandemic for ASEAN-5 countries Ahmad Komarulzaman;Zuzy Anna;Arief Anshory Yusuf;Venkatachalam Anbumozhi (1-11)

Qualitative analysis of post-consumer and post-industrial waste via near-infrared, visual and induction identification with experimental sensor-based sorting setup K. Friedrich;G. Koinig;R. Pomberger;D. Vollprecht (1-32)

Contacts with limited interpenetration Jiří Jarušek (1-5)

Optimization of real-time analysis of sleep-wake cycle in mice Stephen Thankachan;Andrei Gerashchenko;Ksenia V Kastanenka;Brian J Bacskai;Dmitry Gerashchenko (1-9)

Efficient anaerobic sediment processing via a novel sediment core extruder Matthew Quinan;Csaba Vazco;Jordon Beckler (1-12)

Multiresidue analysis of basic, neutral, and acidic pesticides in biobeds’ biomixture Sofía Rezende;Natalia Besil;Lucas Archondo;Horacio Heinzen;María Verónica Cesio (1-9)

A detailed manual segmentation procedure for the hypothalamus for 3T T1-weighted MRI Mohammad Ali;Jee Su Suh;Milita Ramonas;Stefanie Hassel;Stephen R. Arnott (1-12)

Methodology for the objective and rapid determination of the performance criteria of an NH 3-NaSCN absorption refrigeration system G.R.H. Ngock;J.G. Tamba;S. Essiane Ndjakomo;F.L. Djanna Koffi;M. Ndame (1-13)

A report on digitised neuronal tracing method to study neurons in their entirety Zeeshan Ali;G. Sivakumar;Krishnamoorthi Prabhu;Chinmay Ajit Suryavanshi;Sareesh Naduvil Narayanan (1-10)

Automatic detection of vegetation cover changes in urban-rural interface areas Bruno Barbosa;Jorge Rocha;Hugo Costa;Mário Caetano (1-7)

Approach to assess the performance of waste management systems towards a circular economy: waste management system development stage concept (WMS-DSC) Alessio Campitelli;Jan Kannengießer;Liselotte Schebek (1-15)

A method for intracerebroventricular cannulation of young broiler chicks Chris Lamberigts;Zhigang Song;Johan Buyse (1-6)

A simplified non-greenhouse hydroponic system for small-scale soilless urban vegetable farming Margaret S. Gumisiriza;Patrick A. Ndakidemi;Ernest R. Mbega (1-7)

Ball mill abrasion test (BMAT): Method development and statistical evaluations Hamid Pourasiabi;J.D. Gates (1-22)

Quota sampling method in online household surveys Inas Nurfadia Futri;Tastaftiyan Risfandy;Mansor H. Ibrahim (1-9)

Visual questionnaire survey to apply design possibilities in relation to planting enclosure in five vest-pocket parks Maryam Naghibi;Mohsen Faizi;Ahmad Ekhlassi (1-11)

PAD: A graphical and numerical enhancement of structural coding to facilitate thematic analysis of a literature corpus Etienne-Victor Depasquale;Humaira Abdul Salam;Franco Davoli (1-23)

Methods for stability assessment of electrically conductive membranes Mohamad Amin Halali;Charles-Franҫois de Lannoy (1-13)

Test-retest reliability of the FALL FIT system for assessing and training protective arm reactions in response to a forward fall James Borrelli;Robert Creath;Kelly Westlake;Mark W. Rogers (1-13)

Experimentally induced animal models for cognitive dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease Deepthi Rapaka;Paul C. Adiukwu;Veera Raghavulu Bitra (1-16)

Systematically reviewing the use of participatory methods in energy system modelling and planning literature Connor McGookin;Brian Ó Gallachóir;Edmond Byrne (1-8)

Adoption of digital twin for sustainable manufacturing and achievements of production strategic-planned goals M.S. Jawad;Pavinraj Chandran;Azizul Azhar Bin Ramli;Hairulnizam Bin Mahdin;Zubaile Bin Abdullah (1-13)

A laboratory preparation procedure for studying bioaccumulation of U and its subcellular form in earthworms ( Diplocardia spp.) Lanre Olafuyi;Naira Ibrahim;Jing Nie;Precious Cooper;Steven L. Larson (1-6)

Distribution and behavior of lipid droplets in hepatic cells analyzed by variations of citochemical technique and scanning electron microscopy João Marcos de Lima-Faria;Lucas Nunes Guimarães;Victória Costa da Silva;Iara da Costa Souza;Marisa Narciso Fernandes (1-9)

An efficient Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) method for typing autolytic Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus strains Jouni Heikkinen;Atte von Wright;Ivana Nikodinoska;Colm A. Moran (1-8)

An easy spectrophotometric acid-base titration protocol for dissolved organic matter Marawit Tesfa;Aline Dia;Malou Ollivier;Iván-David Osorio-Leon;Rémi Marsac (1-7)

Implementation of orbitrap mass spectrometry for improved GC-MS target analysis in lithium ion battery electrolytes Christoph Peschel;Fabian Horsthemke;Martin Winter;Sascha Nowak (1-9)

Comprehensive HRV estimation pipeline in Python using Neurokit2: Application to sleep physiology Martin G. Frasch (1-21)

Pigments’ analysis of Citrus juicing making by‐products by LC‐MS/MS and LC‐DAD Eleni D. Myrtsi;Sofia D. Koulocheri;Epameinondas Evergetis;Serkos A. Haroutounian (1-6)

A novel field method for preserving African lion ( Panthera leo) fecal samples for noninvasive hormone metabolite analysis , Katherine J. Fowler;Rachel M. Santymire (1-11)

Using machine learning to impute legal status of immigrants in the National Health Interview Survey Simon A. Ruhnke;Fernando A. Wilson;Jim P. Stimpson (1-12)

Method for conducting micro-abrasion wear testing of materials in oscillating sliding Cesar David Resendiz-Calderon;Irving Cázares-Ramírez;Diana Laura Samperio-Galicia;Leonardo Israel Farfan-Cabrera (1-11)

Agricultural burned area detection using an integrated approach utilizing multi spectral instrument based fire and vegetation indices from Sentinel-2 satellite Monish Vijay Deshpande;Dhanyalekshmi Pillai;Meha Jain (1-15)

Three highly variable genome regions of the four dengue virus serotypes can accurately recapitulate the CDS phylogeny Eduardo D. Rodríguez-Aguilar;Jesús Martínez-Barnetche;Mario H. Rodríguez (1-15)

Simple and sensitive spectrophotometric method for estimating the nitrogen-fixing capacity of bacterial cultures A. Cordova-Rodriguez;M.E. Rentería-Martínez;C.A. López-Miranda;J.M. Guzmán-Ortíz;S.F. Moreno-Salazar (1-5)

Using modified grounded theory for conducting systematic research study on sustainable project management field Moawiah A. Alnsour (1-19)

Blood serum analysis: A modified sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay protocol Dunpeng Cai;Mikayla Fraunfelder;Shi-You Chen (1-7)

Two-time interval method to circumvent particle image velocimetry dynamic range Sunil V. Bharadwaj;G.R. Vybhav (1-17)

Performability evaluation, validation and optimization for the steam generation system of a coal-fired thermal power plant Subhash Malik;Shubham Verma;Arun Gupta;Gaurav Sharma;Shakuntla Singla (1-17)

A high throughput proliferation and cytotoxicity assay for co-cultured isogenic cell lines Syed Ahmad;Kris C. Wood;John E. Scott (1-13)

Development of seismic resilience index methodology for RC structures via functionality curve H'ng Chee Yin;Moustafa Moufid Kassem;Fadzli Mohamed Nazri;Ahmad Mohamad El Maissi (1-24)

Gas chromatography method to quantify α-monobenzoate glycerol in methanolic solutions using methyl benzoate as internal standard and a Rxi-1ms column Vinícius de Macedo (1-6)

A set of web-based public decision support tools for integrated planning and management in aquaculture Junyong You;Liangju Yu;Julien Meillon;Aline Gangnery;Cedric Bacher (1-11)

Laplace approximation for conditional autoregressive models for spatial data of diseases Guiming Wang (1-8)

Optimising dynamic mechanical analysis experiments on soft rubbers for use in time temperature superposition Akash R. Trivedi;Nicholas Hawkins;Clive R. Siviour (1-13)

Recommendations on the preparation of silicon solar cell samples for defect etching Aleo Paolo Pacho;Markus Rinio (1-8)

Assessment of BMP responses in an in vitro model of acute ethanol toxicity Naila Habeeb;Sheyda Najafi;Jeanette C. Perron (1-6)

High precision compact numerical approximation in exponential form for the system of 2D quasilinear elliptic BVPs on a discrete irrational region R.K. Mohanty;Nikita Setia;Gunjan Khurana;Geetan Manchanda (1-29)

Development of a USE/d-SPE and targeted DIA-Orbitrap-MS acquisition methodology for the analysis of wastewater-derived organic pollutants in fish tissues and body fluids D.P. Manjarrés;N. Montemurro;S. Pérez (1-14)

Classification of extremity movements by visual observation of signals and their transforms Manuel Enrique Hernandez;Liran Ziegelman;Tanvi Kosuri;Husain Hakim;Luqi Zhao (1-12)

Earthquake precursory detection using diurnal GPS-TEC and kriging interpolation maps: 12 May 2008, Mw7.9 Wenchuan case study Prapas Thammaboribal;N.K. Tripathi;Sarawut Ninsawat;Indrajit Pal (1-17)

An anthropometric-based method for the assessment of pelvis position in three-dimensional space D. Mandalidis;G. Glakousakis;P. Kalatzis (1-10)

An inverse planned oil release validation method for estimating oil slick thickness from thermal contrast remote sensing by in-scene calibration Ira Leifer;Christopher Melton;William J. Daniel;Jae Deok Kim;Charlotte Marston (1-18)

Comparison and optimization of DNA Isolation protocols for high throughput genomic studies of Acacia pachyceras Schwartz Nazima Habibi;Fadila Al Salameen;Muhammed Rahman;Anisha Shajan;Farhana Zakir (1-9)

Development of a DIY rehabilitation device for lower limb weakness in acute to subacute ischemic stroke Noppamad Tangmanee;Sombat Muengtaweepongsa;Wiroj Limtrakarn (1-11)

A parallelized hybrid genetic algorithm with differential evolution for heat exchanger network retrofit Jan A. Stampfli;Donald G. Olsen;Beat Wellig;René Hofmann (1-8)

Latent Class Cluster Analysis: Selecting the number of clusters Olga Lezhnina;Gábor Kismihók (1-10)

Using government documents in open pedagogy: A method for engagement and building skills Stephanie Hallam;Pat Willingham (1-6)

Constructing a simplified interurban road network based on crowdsourced geodata Rafael Prieto-Curiel;Inhoi Heo;Abel Schumann;Philipp Heinrigs (1-6)

Condensate loss estimation and transient solar-to-vapor conversion efficiency for effective performance evaluation of the inclined solar still Tijani Oladoyin Abimbola;Husna Takaijudin;Balbir Singh Mahinder Singh;Khamaruzaman Wan Yusof;Abdurrasheed Said Abdurrasheed (1-12)

Construction and validation of steroid-induced rabbit osteonecrosis model Tongtong Zhu;Mengyang Jiang;Mingran Zhang;Liguo Cui;Xiaoyu Yang (1-9)

A novel seasonal-spatial integrated model for improving the economic-environmental performance of crop production Man Li;Zhe Guo;Wei Zhang (1-12)

Faster and more precise isotopic water analysis of discrete samples by predicting the repetitions’ asymptote instead of averaging last values Nico Hachgenei;Véronique Vaury;Guillaume Nord;Lorenzo Spadini;Céline Duwig (1-11)

Smoothing a reference pathway based on discrete exogenous projections Taoyuan Wei (1-7)

CLD4SDGs: Integrated assessment of progress and impacts on Sustainable Development Goals using Causal Loop Diagrams Andrea S. Downing (1-8)

Modified sol-gel process for synthesis of molybdenum oxide-doped titanium dioxide Mousab Salaheldeen Mirghani;Abdelbagi Osman (1-6)

Analysis of oxygen isotopes of inorganic phosphate (δ 18O p) in freshwater: A detailed method description for obtaining oxygen isotopes of inorganic phosphate in environmental water samples Catharina S. Nisbeth;Federica Tamburini;Jacob Kidmose;Søren Jessen;David W. O'Connell (1-17)

Connecting firm's web scraped textual content to body of science: Utilizing microsoft academic graph hierarchical topic modeling Arash Hajikhani;Lukas Pukelis;Arho Suominen;Sajad Ashouri;Torben Schubert (1-10)

Optimization of the Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) DNA extraction protocol using forest elephant dung samples Jean-Louis Kouakou;Sery Gonedelé-Bi;Jean-Baptiste Assamoi;Simon-Pierre Assanvo N'Guetta (1-12)

Hide-and-seek: Threshold values and contribution towards better understanding of recovery rate in microplastic research Inta Dimante-Deimantovica;Natalija Suhareva;Marta Barone;Ieva Putna-Nimane;Juris Aigars (1-14)

Extracting protein from microalgae ( Tetraselmis chuii) for proteome analysis Liliana Anjos;João Estêvão;Carlos Infante;Lalia Mantecón;Deborah Mary Power (1-19)

Method to determine the decrepitation index of South African manganese ores when heating in a rotary kiln M.S. Moholwa;J.D. Steenkamp;H.L. Rutto (1-4)

Psychological distress related to Covid-19 in healthy public (CORPD): A statistical method for assessing the validation of scale Cong Doanh Duong (1-8)

Feasibility assessment for E-commerce: A data collection from developing country (Ethiopia) Nagender Singh;Omprakash Sahu (1-15)

Collection on groundwater to celebrate the World Water Day March 20, 2022 D. Barcelo (1-2)

Methods to measure biological sounds and assess their drivers in a tropical forest Johan Diepstraten;Jacques Keumo Kuenbou;Jacob Willie (1-9)

Zr(HSO 4) 4: Green, efficient and reusable catalyst for one-pot synthesis of 1,8-dioxooctahydroxanthene under solvent-free conditions Khalil Pourshamsian (1-8)

Method for CaOx crystals isolation from plant leaves Ivan T. Cerritos-Castro;Araceli Patrón-Soberano;Ana P. Barba de la Rosa (1-8)

Whole-slide imaging and a Fiji-based image analysis workflow of immunohistochemistry staining of pancreatic islets Emma Jane Buckels;Jacqueline Mary Ross;Hui Hui Phua;Frank Harry Bloomfield;Anne Louise Jaquiery (1-9)

Estimation of actual evapotranspiration in barley crop through a generalized linear model Adán Faramiñan;Paula Olivera Rodriguez;Facundo Carmona;Mauro Holzman;Raúl Rivas (1-5)

CoCoView - A codon conservation viewer via sequence logos Beatriz Rodrigues Estevam;Diego Mauricio Riaño-Pachón (1-5)

Improved Swiss-rolling method for histological analyses of colon tissue Julie Le Naour;Léa Montégut;Adrien Joseph;Kévin Garbin;Erika Vacchelli (1-7)

Exploring the relationship between hadith narrators in Book of Bukhari through SPADE algorithm Rahmadi Yotenka;Sekti Kartika Dini;Achmad Fauzan;Atina Ahdika (1-13)

Human-robot interaction methodology: Robot teaching activity Anna-Maria Velentza;Nikolaos Fachantidis;Ioannis Lefkos (1-13)

Measurement of Electrokinetically induced hydrodynamics at Ion-selective interfaces using 3D Micro particle tracking velocimetry (µPTV) Felix Stockmeier;Michael Schatz;Malte Habermann;John Linkhorst;Ali Mani (1-10)

ProteinCT: An implementation of the protein circuit topology framework Duane Moes;Elnaz Banijamali;Vahid Sheikhhassani;Barbara Scalvini;Jaie Woodard (1-8)

Fluorescent cacao oil: A material suited for highlighting blood vessel in macro-scale dissection Taketeru Tomita;Minoru Toda;Yuki Fukugawa;Takahide Sasai;Kiyomi Murakumo (1-5)

Maximizing diversity within and among teams in a large-scale project Irit Talmor (1-11)

Burst-pause criterion derivation for drinkometer measurements of ingestive behavior Michele Serra;Bálint File;Daniela Alceste;Ivana Raguz;Daniel Gero (1-11)

Standardized method for controlled modification of poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) crystallinity for assaying PET degrading enzymes Thore Bach Thomsen;Cameron J. Hunt;Anne S. Meyer (1-9)

Scoring sleep using respiration and movement-based features H. Kloefkorn;L.M. Aiani;S. Hochman;N.P. Pedersen (1-12)

Quantification of landfill gas emissions and energy production potential in Tirupati Municipal solid waste disposal site by LandGEM mathematical model C. Ramprasad;Hari Charan Teja;Vunnam Gowtham;Varadam Vikas (1-12)

Methodology for dissolution of sediment and calcareous deposits for paleontological specimen collection and identification Jack Schultz;Griffin Scheurer;Lydia Tackett;Dianna Berry (1-7)

Modularisation of published and novel models toward a complex KIR2DL4 pathway in pbNK cell Nurul Izza Ismail;Ana Masara Ahmad Mokhtar (1-23)

Numerical tools for the simulation of enzymatic bio porous-electrodes operating in DET mode Tien Dung Le;Didier Lasseux (1-9)

Identifying critical drivers of innovation in pharmaceutical industry using TOPSIS method Madhavi Damle;Bala Krishnamoorthy (1-16)

Creating qualitative datasets in geoarchaeology: An easy-applicable description template for archaeological thin section analysis using Stoops 2003 Diana Marcazzan;Sarah Ann Meinekat (1-9)

Improving the performance of air conditioning unit by using a hybrid technique Kayser Aziz Ameen;Husam Abdulrasool hasan;Mustafa J. Al-Dulaimi;Azher M. Abed;Haidar F. Al-Qrimli (1-14)

Methodology to calculate forest stand level maximum potential productivity, potential achievable productivity and ecosystem fit Angela M. Klock;Kristiina A. Vogt;Daniel J. Vogt;John C. Gordon (1-10)

Indicator-driven data calibration of expert interviews in a configurational study Henriette Naims;Elisabeth Eppinger (1-12)

(U,Th)-He dating of Pleistocene carbonates: Analytical methods and age calculations Jan D. Kramers;Tebogo V. Makhubela (1-10)

Using near–surface temperature data to vicariously calibrate high-resolution thermal infrared imagery and estimate physical surface properties Timothy N. Titus;J. Judson Wynne;Murzy D. Jhabvala;Nathalie A. Cabrol (1-19)

Santino’s growth chamber: A chamber for studies with Aphelenchoides besseyi on plants Santino A. da Silva;Andressa C.Z. Machado (1-9)

twoaxistracking – a python package for simulating self-shading of two-axis tracking solar collectors Adam R. Jensen;Ioannis Sifnaios;Kevin Anderson (1-12)

Institutional modelling: Adding social backbone to agent-based models Amineh Ghorbani (1-11)

Social Organizational Life Cycle Assessment (SO-LCA) and Organization 4.0: An easy-to-implement method Fernando García-Muiña;María Sonia Medina-Salgado;Rocío González-Sánchez;Irene Huertas-Valdivia;Anna Maria Ferrari (1-13)

Determination of major elements in igneous rocks using microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometry (MP-AES) María Cecilia Geisenblosen;Pedro Oyhantçabal;Mariela Pistón (1-10)

Residual stress determination by the layer removal and X-ray diffraction measurement – correction method Pavol Dlhý;Jan Poduška;Pavel Pokorný;Michal Jambor;Luboš Náhlík (1-9)

Validation of an LC-MS/MS method for the quantitation of phytosterols derived from Aloe vera gel Kazumi Nabeshima;Atsushi Mizutani;Eriko Misawa;Miyuki Tanaka;Koji Yamauchi (1-9)

Editorial overview: Virtual collection on chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods in food, health, and agriculture Andrew J. Gravelle (1-4)

Determination of gibberellic acid and abscisic acid in ( Zea mays L.) (ICA-V305) seeds germinated using dynamic sonication assisted solvent extraction and maceration Juan David Rivera;Diana Marcela Ocampo-Serna;Raúl Andrés Martínez-Rubio;Yaned Milena Correa-Navarro (1-8)

A partial evaluation methodology for optimizing rewrite theories incrementally María Alpuente;Demis Ballis;Santiago Escobar;Daniel Galán Pascual;Julia Sapiña (1-10)

Optimized method for the extraction of contaminant-free IgY antibodies from egg yolk using PEG 6000 Andrea Michelle Madera-Contrer;Roberto Solano-Texta;Alondra Cisneros-Sarabia;Isabel Bautista-Santos;Guillermina Vences-Velázquez (1-7)

Minimally invasive in vivo endoscopic monitoring of dextran sulfate sodium-induced murine colitis Elizabeth A. Bullard;Ariel I. Mundo;Shelby N. Bess;Kathryn Miller Priest;Timothy J. Muldoon (1-6)

How-to conduct a systematic literature review: A quick guide for computer science research Angela Carrera-Rivera;William Ochoa;Felix Larrinaga;Ganix Lasa (1-12)

DNA extraction of bacterial cells using a semi-automated filtration system K.B. Hoorzook;T.G. Barnard (1-11)

A multi-purpose pilot-scale molten metal & molten salt pyrolysis reactor Frank Riedewald;Ian Povey;Maria O'Mahoney;Maria Sousa-Gallagher (1-14)

Conceptual comparison of constructs as first step in data harmonization: Parental sensitivity, child temperament, and social support as illustrations Marije L. Verhage;Carlo Schuengel;Annaleena Holopainen;Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg;Annie Bernier (1-17)

Automated morphometrics on microscopy images of Atlantic cod larvae using Mask R-CNN and classical machine vision techniques Bjarne Kvæstad;Bjørn Henrik Hansen;Emlyn Davies (1-13)

Dynamic Bayesian Belief Network for long-term monitoring and system barrier failure analysis: Decommissioned wells Mei Ling Fam;Xuhong He;Dimitrios Konovessis;Lin Seng Ong (1-10)

Method for geological characteristics prediction during shield tunnelling: SCA-GS Tao Yan (1-9)

A Q slope-based empirical method to stability assessment of mountain rock slopes in multiple faults zone: A case for North of Tabriz Mehdi Kouhdaragh;Mohammad Azarafza;Reza Derakhshani (1-5)

Sharing data, sharing methods, sharing science. Sergio Pantano (1-4)

Method for identification of 10 SSR markers from monkey genomes and its statistical inference with One & Two-way ANOVA Chinta Someswara Rao;G.N.V.G. Sirisha;K. Butchi Raju;N V Ganapathi Raju (1-14)

FACS-Free isolation and purification protocol of mouse prostate epithelial cells for organoid primary culture Lilianne Frégeau-Proulx;Aurélie Lacouture;Cindy Weidmann;Cynthia Jobin;Étienne Audet-Walsh (1-6)

Two novel bioassays useful for the quick assessment of chemical effects on the behavior of mosquito larvae (Culicidae) and adult earthworms (Lumbricidae) Sanele Michelle Mnkandla;Patricks Voua Otomo (1-8)

The δ 18O‐inferred thermal reconstruction for the Pleistocene based on the modification of existing glacial and interglacial paleoclimatic models Attila J. Trájer (1-9)

Matlab implementation of a novel semi-structured kinetic model for methanotroph-photoautotroph cocultures Kiumars Badr;Q. Peter He;Jin Wang (1-8)

Preparing sequencing grade RNAs from a small number of FACS-sorted larvae macrophages isolated from enzyme free dissociated zebrafish larvae Christina Begon-Pescia;Stéphanie Boireau;Myriam Boyer-Clavel;Georges Lutfalla;Mai Nguyen-Chi (1-13)

A novel method for utilizing dichoptic attention tasks in amblyopic training Chuan Hou (1-6)

A protocol for analyzing repeated measures of online group behavior Matthew G.R. Courtney;Jamie Costley;Mik Fanguy (1-5)

Sequence analysis of LipL41 and LipL21: Prospective Outer Membrane Proteins (OMPs) in early diagnosing leptospirosis Muzaffar Mosquill;Syafinaz Amin Nordin;Mohamad Ridhuan Mohd Ali;Narcisse Mary Sither Joseph (1-7)

Effect of time and storage temperature on canine and feline erythrocyte sedimentation rate Eleonora Gori;Anna Pasquini;Daniela Diamanti;Carlo Carletti;Veronica Marchetti (1-6)

Computational curation and analysis of publicly available protein sequence data from a single protein family Kyra Dougherty;Katalin A. Hudak (1-13)

Determination of biomarkers of exposure to boscalid, captan, folpel, mancozeb and tebuconazole in urine and hair samples Pauline Soulard;Clémentine Dereumeaux;Fabien Mercier (1-11)

Collecting wood core samples from Macassar ebony ( Diospyros celebica Bakh.) for multi-purpose analysis using pickering punch Iskandar Zulkarnaen Siregar;Muhammad Majiidu;Fifi Gus Dwiyanti;Essy Harnelly;Ratih Damayanti (1-5)

Gravity filtration of environmental DNA: A simple, fast, and power-free method Shin-ichiro Oka;Masaki Miya;Tetsuya Sado (1-6)

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