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An analysis of machine learning algorithms in rotating machines maintenance Alexandre S. Roque;Vinicius W. Krebs;Iuri Castro Figueiro;Nasser Jazdi (252-257)

An Industry 4.0 Platform for Equipment Monitoring and Maintaining in Carbon Anode Production Qingzong Li;Yuqian Yang;Pingyu Jiang (37-41)

Effects of Demographic Factors for Fatigue Detection in Manufacturing Arsalan Lambay;Ying Liu;Ze Ji;Phillip Morgan (528-533)

Process Supervision of Long Products Hot Rolling Mill. Attack or Failure Identification. Joaquín Ordieres-Meré;Asier Arteaga;Nikolaos Matskanis;Andreas Wolff;Vincenzo Iannino (72-77)

Tool Wear Monitoring of a Tree Log Bandsaw using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network on challenging data Steven Koppert;Christian Henke;Ansgar Trächtler;Stefan Möhringer (554-560)

Managing Input Parameter Uncertainty in Digital Twins A. Masciarelli;A. Matta (13-18)

Asset administration shell submodel for wireless communication system. Gustavo P. Cainelli;Lisa Underberg;Lutz Rauchhaupt;Carlos E. Pereira (120-125)

The impact of operation, equipment, and material handling flexibility on the design of matrix-structured manufacturing systems Patrick Schumacher;Christian Weckenborg;Thomas S. Spengler (481-486)

Assessing the Barriers to Industry 4.0 Implementation From a Maintenance Management Perspective - Pilot Study Results Malgorzata Jasiulewicz-Kaczmar;Katarzyna Antosz;Chao Zhang;Robert Waszkowski (223-228)

Quantum Deep Learning for Steel Industry Computer Vision Quality Control. Javier Villalba-Diez;Joaquín Ordieres-Meré;Ana González-Marcos;Aintzane Soto Larzabal (337-342)

MetaAnalyser - A Concept and Toolkit for Enablement of Digital Twin Jaya Kumari;Ramin Karim;Kevin Karim;Martin Arenbro (199-204)

Employing LIVE Digital Twin in Prognostic and Health Management: Identifying Location of the Sensors Andrew E. Bondoc;Mohsen Tayefeh;Ahmad Barari (138-143)

Towards the Quantified Product-Product Lifecycle Support by Multi-Aspect Ontologies Kurt Sandkuhl;Nikolay Shilov;Ulf Seigerroth;Alexander Smirnov (187-192)

The “New Fit”: Skills and Competencies for The Future of Work H. Ben-Gal Chalutz;Y. Cohen (511-515)

Manufacturing knowledge map for Sustainable Manufacturing: a case study J. Patalas-Maliszewska;M. Rehm;H. Łosyk (217-222)

A Radial Basis Functions approach to collision avoidance in collaborative tasks G. Cipriani;M. Bottin;G. Rosati;M. Faccio (307-312)

Quality monitoring of blind fasteners installation: An approach from the manufacturing chain and visual analytics Alain Gil Del Val;Mariluz Penalva;Fernando Veiga;Edurne Iriondo (270-276)

Evaluation of PLC4X based Middleware as Integrator of Brownfield systems into Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Mainak Majumder;Muddasir Shakil;Alois Zoitl (427-432)

A proactive and reactive approach to the allocation and configuration of multidimensional resources in production systems Jarosław Wikarek;Paweł Sitek;Zbigniew Juzoń (445-450)

The Use of Cobots for Disabled and Older Adults A. Biton;S. Shoval;Y. Lerman (96-101)

NLP-based insights discovery for industrial asset and service improvement: an analysis of maintenance reports Sala Roberto;Pirola Fabiana;Pezzotta Giuditta;Cavalieri Sergio (522-527)

Towards Real-Time Machining Tool Failure Forecast Approach for Smart Manufacturing Systems Nicolas Nebelung;Mario D.S. de Oliveira Santos;Sofia T. Helena;Athon F.C.S. de Moura Leite;Matheus B. Canciglieri等 (548-553)

Enhancing the competitive advantage via Blockchain: an olive oil case study Rami Alkhudary;Xavier Brusset;Hussein Naseraldin;Pierre Féniès (469-474)

Long Short Term Memory-based anomaly detection applied to an industrial dosing pump Anthony Fombonne de Galatheau;Alexandru-Liviu Olteanu;Nathalie Julien;Steven Le Garrec (240-245)

Toward smart manufacturing scheduling from an ontological approach of job-shop uncertainty sources Julio C. Serrano-Ruiz;Josefa Mula;Raúl Poler (150-155)

Novel development tool for IEC 61499 based on domain-specific languages Radimir Sorokin;Sandeep Patil;Valeriy Vyatkin (439-444)

Data based approach for online diagnosis of Discrete Event System R. Saddem;A. Marrakh;D. Baptiste;J. Dabounou (289-294)

Deep learning and rule-based image processing pipeline for automated metal cutting tool wear detection and measurement Carsten Holst;Taha Berk Yavuz;Pranjul Gupta;Philipp Ganser;Thomas Bergs (534-539)

Safeguarded optimal policy learning for a smart discrete manufacturing plant Roberto Boffadossi;Fabio Bonassi;Lorenzo Fagiano;Riccardo Scattolini;Andrea Cataldo (396-401)

Agent-Based Asset Administration Shell Approach for Digitizing Industrial Assets Lucas Sakurada;Paulo Leitao;Fernando De la Prieta (193-198)

A Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model Based on Fuzzy Logic and AHP for the Selection of Digital Technologies L. Maretto;M. Faccio;D. Battini (319-324)

A Framework for Embedded Hardware on Furniture Smartification Design Pedro F. Oliveira;Jorge S. Calado;João Sarraipa;Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves (493-498)

Automatic identification of the assembly base component for robotic manufacturing Shai Chereshnia;Sigal Berman (90-95)

Enhancing Fault Detection with Clustering and Covariance Analysis Ethan Gallup;Titus Quah;Derek Machalek;Kody M. Powell (258-263)

Predictive associative models of processes and situations N. Bakhtadze;A. Chereshko;D. Elpashev;A. Suleykin;A. Purtov (19-24)

Communication-Efficient Federated Learning for Digital Twin Systems of Industrial Internet of Things Yunming Zhao;Li Li;Ying Liu;Yuxi Fan;Kuo-Yi Lin (433-438)

Preparation of Papers for IFAC Conferences & Symposia: Adaptive fixture system for reducing machining distortion caused by residual stresses in milling M. Landwehr;R. Kalocsay;C. Kolvenbach;P. Ganser;T. Bergs (264-269)

A Multi-criteria Production Planning Approach for Aircraft Manufacturing Flow Lines Benjamin Lietzau;Lars Mönch;Alexander Biele (144-149)

Optimizing methane and methanol production from integrated steelworks process off-gases through economic hybrid model predictive control Stefano Dettori;Ismael Matino;Vincenzo Iannino;Valentina Colla;Alexander Hauser等 (66-71)

Data-Efficient Gaussian Process Online Learning for Adaptive Control of Multi-DoF Robotic Arms ⁎ Lixu Deng;Wei Li;Yongping Pan (84-89)

Self-improving Models for the Intelligent Digital Twin: Towards Closing the Reality-to-Simulation Gap Manuel S. Müller;Nasser Jazdi;Michael Weyrich (126-131)

Job Scheduling Algorithm for a Hybrid MTO-MTS Production Process Wojciech Danilczuk;Arkadiusz Gola;Patrik Grznar (451-456)

Feature investigation with Digital Twin for predictive maintenance following a machine learning approach Sotirios Panagou;Fabio Fruggiero;Marida Lerra;Carmen del Vecchio;Fernando Menchetti等 (132-137)

Algebraic Synthesis of Safety Logical Filter on Manufacturing Systems T. Ranger;A. Philippot;B. Riera (169-174)

UAVs’ Dynamic Routing, Subject to Time Windows Variation Grzegorz Bocewicz;Grzegorz Radzki;Peter Nielsen;Zbigniew Banaszak (457-462)

Digital Twin-based Design and Operation of Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly Yichen Wang;Jindan Feng;Jinshan Liu;Xiaojun Liu;Junfeng Wang (295-300)

Reinforcement Learning-based Scheduling of a Job-Shop Process with Distributedly Controlled Robotic Manipulators for Transport Operations Simon Jungbluth;Nigora Gafur;Jens Popper;Vassilios Yfantis;Martin Ruskowski (156-162)

Decision Support Within Customized Products Using Computational Intelligence Marcin Relich;Robert Wójcik (211-216)

Toward a self-adaptive digital twin based Active learning method: an application to the lumber industry Sylvain Chabanet;Hind Bril El-Haouzi;Philippe Thomas (378-383)

Introducing Fuzzy Cognitive Map for predicting Engine’s Health Status Marios Tirovolas;Chrysostomos Stylios (246-251)

Measuring Dependencies in Degradation Data: Digital Platform for Coordinating Maintenance Activities on Cranes Janusz Szpytko;Yorlandys Salgado Duarte (31-36)

Federated Learning for Enablement of Digital Twin Amit Patwardhan;Adithya Thaduri;Ramin Karim;Miguel Castano (114-119)

A swarm of luggage transport robots moving through an airport Marine Cornet;Renan Da Silva Tchilian;Mariana Netto (102-107)

An Application-Oriented Cyber-Physical Production Optimisation System Architecture for the Steel Industry Vincenzo Iannino;Joachim Denker;Valentina Colla (60-65)

Real Time Locating Systems for Human Centered Production Planning and Monitoring M. Wolf;M. Rantschl;E. Auberger;H. Preising;A. Sbaragli等 (366-371)

Local Digital Twin-based control of a cobot-assisted assembly cell based on Dispatching Rules Ragazzini Lorenzo;Negri Elisa;Macchi Marco (372-377)

Multi-attribute ordered fuzzy numbers approach to transport trolley control Katarzyna Rudnik;Krzysztof Franczok (463-468)

Industrial Smart Working: a socio-technical model for enabling successful implementation Chiara Cimini;Sergio Cavalieri (505-510)

Applying Engineering Knowledge in Alarm Flood Reduction to reduce Machine Downtime Andreas Kottre;Thorsten Schöler;Christoph Legat (54-59)

Ontology-based system to support industrial system design for aircraft assembly Xiaodu Hu;Rebeca Arista;Xiaochen Zheng;Joachim Lentes;Jyri Sorvari等 (175-180)

Prioritization of sharing economy barriers in British auto parts manufacturing SMEs Abdul Manzoor;Mukund Janardhanan;Marina Marinelli;Izabela Nielsen (229-234)

The value of information for dynamic decentralised criticality computation ⁎ Yaniv Proselkov;Manuel Herrera;Marco Perez Hernandez;Ajith Kumar Parlikad;Alexandra Brintrup (408-413)

Framework for Validation of Furniture Smartification Processes Carlos Caeiro;Jorge S. Calado;João Sarraipa;Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves (499-504)

Buildings energetic improvement: first elements about isolating panels layout design M. Aldanondo;E. Vareilles;J. Lesbegueries;C. Andréa;X. Lorca (487-492)

Artificial Intelligence Approaches For The Ladle Predictive Maintenance In Electric Steel Plant Marco Vannucci;Valentina Colla;Matteo Chini;Daniele Gaspardo;Birgit Palm (331-336)

On consistency of physical and DEVS models in control-targeted DTs: an industrial case study Chiara Cimino;Cristian Granata;Gianni Ferretti;Alberto Leva (7-12)

Challenges in Automated Commercial Aircraft Production Felix Gehlhoff;Martin Röhrig;Hamied Nabizada;Maximilian Weigand;Lasse Beers等 (354-359)

A Predictive, Context-Dependent Stochastic Model for Engineering Applications Márcio J. da Silva;Gustavo Künzel;Carlos E. Pereira (402-407)

The influence of collision avoidance strategies on human-robot collaborative systems G. Boschetti;M. Bottin;M. Faccio;L. Maretto;R. Minto (301-306)

An ontological approach for modelling evolutionary knowledge of prognostic method selection Márcio J. da Silva;Lynceo F. Braghirolli;Eike Broda;Hendrik Engbers;Enzo M. Frazzon等 (181-186)

Process Fault Diagnosis Method Based on MSPC and LiNGAM and its Application to Tennessee Eastman Process Yoshiaki Uchida;Koichi Fujiwara;Tatsuki Saito;Taketsugu Osaka (384-389)

Deduction of Digital Twin’s applications based on product independent description of use cases Claas Steffen Gundlach;Alexander Fay (25-30)

Conceptual Design of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Based on a Multi-source Heterogeneous Requirement Mapping Method Bo Wu;Wu Zhao;Huicong Hu;Ying Liu;Junjie Lv (475-480)

Assembly: A Web-Based Multi-Robot Programming and Simulation Tool Tudor B. Ionescu (313-318)

Design and Use of Human Operator Digital Twins in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: Ethical Implications Olivier Cardin;Damien Trentesaux (360-365)

The Design of an Integrated Monitoring and Maintenance Framework for Newly Developed Equipment: Using Industrial Robot as Example Yuqian Yang;Maolin Yang;Pingyu Jiang (42-47)

Towards synchronization-oriented manufacturing planning and control for Industry 4.0 and beyond Daqiang Guo;Shiquan Ling;Yiming Rong;George Q. Huang (163-168)

Skills Intelligence in the Steel Sector M. Kohlgrüber;M. Cuypers;A. Götting (325-330)

Using an Innovative Smart Sensor for Early Detection of Anomalies to Improve Drive Train Monitoring Achille Fabien Nkwitchoua Djan (343-347)

Optical emission spectroscopy as a method to improve the process automation of electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces H. Pauna;M. Aula;T. Willms;T. Echterhof;M. Huttula等 (78-83)

Development and application of a human-centric co-creation design method for AI-enabled systems in manufacturing Sabine Waschull;Christos Emmanouilidis (516-521)

Towards a smart reconfiguration process for complex product manufacturing based on industrial robot cells Murillo Skrzek;Leandro L. da Silva;Anderson L. Szejka (108-113)

Seamless consistent description of interlocks in the engineering of process plants Feras El Sakka;Alexander Fay (348-353)

Digitalisation for SME Manufacturers: A Framework and a Low-Cost Approach Duncan McFarlane;Svetan Ratchev;Lavindra de Silva;Gregory Hawkridge;Benjamin Schönfuβ等 (414-419)

Development of an advanced condition-based maintenance system for high-critical industrial fans in a foundry A. Polenghi;L. Cattaneo;M. Macchi;D. Pasanisi;V. Pesenti等 (48-53)

Streaming Machine Learning and Online Active Learning for Automated Visual Inspection. ⁎ Jože M. Rožanec;Elena Trajkova;Paulien Dam;Blaž Fortuna;Dunja Mladenić (277-282)

A Novel Sensing Template Using Data Fusion for Large Volume Assembly Ethan Canzini;Marc Auledas;Dominique Chasteau;Ashutosh Tiwari (283-288)

Assembly Workstation 4.0: Concept, Framework and Research Perspectives for Assembly Systems Implementation in the Industry 4.0 Era Shiquan Ling;Ming Li;Daqiang Guo;Yiming Rong;George Q. Huang (420-426)

A methodology to quantify tool wear effects in a shear cutting process based on an automatic feature extraction Stephan Nießner;Mathias Liewald;Michael Weyrich (540-547)

Knowledge Distillation for Energy Consumption Prediction in Additive Manufacturing Yixin Li;Fu Hu;Michael Ryan;Ray Wang;Ying Liu (390-395)

Temporal causality-based feature selection for fault prediction in rotorcraft flight controls D. Shavit;M. Davidovits;A. Kushnirsky;Y. Aperstein (235-239)

Towards a Circular Rotating Blade Wear Assessment Digital Twin for Manufacturing Lines López de Calle - Etxabe Kerman;Garate - Perez Eider;Arnaiz Aitor (561-566)

Smart Configurator to Integrate Customized Furniture Design and Fabrication Mizael S. Falheiro;André K. Sato;Christophe B. Bigon;Juliana H. Souen;João B.P. Nascimento等 (205-210)

Digital Triplet and its Implementation on Learning Factory Yasushi Umeda;Yuki Hongo;Jumpei Goto;Shinsuke Kondoh (1-6)

Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Control: An Event-Triggered Approach Krishanu Nath;Manas Kumar Bera (604-609)

Enhancing the Capabilities of Mutual Adaptation with Adaptive Switching Gayatri Sreenivasan;Vittal Srinivasan;S.R. Swethaashri;Rajini Makam;Koshy George (82-87)

An Adaptive Framework for Efficient Simulation of Nonlinear Power Electronic Circuits Hadhiq Khan;Mohammad Abid Bazaz;Shahkar Ahmad Nahvi (854-859)

Gain Tuned Sliding Mode Control Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Solar PV systems Tamen Thapa Sarkar;Chitralekha Mahanta (417-422)

Performance Analysis of Diverse Energy Storage on Combined ALFC and AVR Control of Multiarea Multiunit System with AC/HVDC interconnection Biswanath Dekaraja;Lalit Chandra Saikia;Satish Kumar Ramoji;Manoja Kumar Behera;Sanjeev Kumar Bhagat (479-485)

The Application of Various PID Controllers and the Effect of AHVDC and DSTS on Dynamics Responses in a Multi-Area AGC Sanjeev Kumar Bhagat;Lalit Chandra Saikia;Naladi Ram Babu;Satish Kumar Ramoji;Deka Raja等 (473-478)

Parameterised State Estimation Approach for 2-Dimensional Underwater Bearings only Target Tracking Ravi Khandelwal;Asfia Urooj;Rahul Radhakrishnan (801-806)

Neuro adaptive sliding mode control of a fast acting energy storage system ⁎ Zahid Afzal Thoker;Shameem Ahmad Lone (309-314)

Distributed secondary control of islanded AC microgrids considering topology switching and plug-and-play operation Arijit Ganguly;Shantanu Bhadra;Parijat Bhowmick;Sawan Sen (442-447)

Temporal Deep Unfolding for Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control ⁎ Masako Kishida;Masaki Ogura (908-913)

Impedance Estimation of a Nonlinear Flexible Mechanical Transmission using a Dual EKF Sananda Chatterjee;Soumen Sen;Saikat Majumder (315-320)

Acceleration control-aided APDG law for powered descent landing in atmospheric conditions Kedarisetty Siddhardha;Joel George Manathara (492-497)

Vibration control of a class of mechatronic systems using Negative Imaginary theory Parijat Bhowmick;Arijit Ganguly (14-19)


Survival of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Luring Pursuers in Angle Constrained Interception Naveen Kumar S;Shashi Ranjan Kumar (20-25)

Bilateral Teleoperation Control of a Bipedal Robot Gait Using a Manipulator Koceila Cherfouh;Jason Gu;Umar Farooq;Muhammad Usman Asad;Rajeeb Dey等 (765-770)

Mathematical modelling of some simplest fuzzy two-term (PI/PD) controllers Debdoot Sain;B.M. Mohan (276-281)

Modelling and Lateral-Directional Control of a Winged Re-entry Vehicle on Runway N. Soumya;Gopal Jee;C.S Kavitha;Asha.P. Nair;U.P. Rajeev等 (504-509)

Design and Performance Evaluation of LQR and Optimized Sliding Mode Controllers for a Class of Underactuated Nonlinear Systems Dil Kumar;S.J. Mija (579-585)

Controller considerations for attenuating noise in process variables in presence of uncertainties in plant parameters Pushkar Prakash Arya;Sohom Chakrabarty (832-837)

Leader-Follower Formation of Second-Order Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems by Adaptive Neural Networks with Novel Kernel Nabarun Sarkar;Alok Kanti Deb (758-764)

Tracking Control of Quadrotors with dynamic offset between Center of Gravity and Geometric Center Manmohan Sharma;Indrani Kar (88-93)

Robust μ-Synthesis Controller Design and Analysis for Load Frequency Control in an AC Microgrid System P Shambhu Prasad;Alivelu M Parimi (547-554)

H ∞ Control for T–S Fuzzy System via Delayed State Feedback: Application to Two-Link Robotic System ⁎ Rupak Datta;Rajeeb Dey;Nabanita Adhikari;Jason Gu;Umar Farooq等 (777-782)

Fractional optimal control of compartmental SIR model of COVID-19: Showing the impact of effective vaccination Ramashis Banerjee;Raj Kumar Biswas (616-622)

Active Fault Tolerant Control of Uncertain Robotic System Based on Observer and Sliding Mode Xia Liu;Hao Sheng (598-603)

Pliers shaped coexisting bifurcation behaviors in a simple jerk chaotic system in comparison with 21 reported systems Piyush Pratap Singh;Binoy Krishna Roy (920-926)

Comparatively better and effective adaptive controllers for synchronisation between identical hyperchaotic systems Anmol Assal;Jay Prakash Singh;Binoy Krishna Roy (64-69)

An Empirical Method for Approximate H 2 Optimal Model Order Reduction Kasturi Das;Bhojne Sachhitanand Rangnath;Srinivasan Krishnaswamy;Somanath Majhi (838-842)

A new Secure Speech Communication Scheme Based on Hyperchaotic Masking and Modulation. Samuel Amde Gebereselassie;Binoy Krishna Roy (914-919)

Adapting, Training, and Company Expenses Control Vladimir V. Tsyganov (510-515)

Roll Angle Estimation of Smart Projectiles using GNSS Signal Jitu Sanwale;Sahith Reddy Chada;Arth Patel;Vishvendra Rustagi;Mangal Kothari (211-216)

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Controller for QBot2 Muhammad Usman Asad;Jason Gu;Umar Farooq;Rajeeb Dey;Valentina E. Balas等 (120-125)

Application of Multi-Input Uncorrelated Periodic Signals for Identification of Active Suspension System Ilias Kioutsoukis;Mathias Foo;Ai Hui Tan (229-234)

Plantwide Control of Two Stage Desalting Process For Feed Rate and Grade Disturbances ⁎ Vikky Anand;Shashank Srivastava;Vinay A. Juvekar;Vijay M. Naik;Sharad Bhartiya等 (387-392)

Optimal Operation of Heat Exchanger Networks ⁎ M Karthika;Sujit S Jogwar (375-380)

Gaussian sum state estimators for three dimensional angles-only underwater target tracking problems Rahul Radhakrishnan;Urooj Asfia;Shambhunath Sharma (333-338)

Implementing a System for Detecting and Unloading Billets from a Hearth Rotary Furnace Cristina-Maria Stancioi;Iulia Clitan;Mihai Abrudean;Honoriu Valean;Vlad Muresan等 (896-901)

Comparison Between Calculated Speed-Based and Sensor-Fused Speed-Based Engine In-Cylinder Pressure Estimation Method Runzhe Han;Christian Bohn;Georg Bauer (223-228)

Analysis of Limit Cycle Oscillations in Dual-rate Haptic Rendering: Effect of Dual-rate Sampling Suhail Ganiny;Majid H Koul;Babar Ahmad (655-660)

Finite-Time Sliding Mode Control for Command Tracking of an UAV Kumar Gaurav;Dipak Kumar Giri (106-111)

Development of a Control Oriented Scramjet Engine Inlet Model ⁎ Gonnabathula S B Ravi Teja;Kumar Pakki Bharani Chandra;Gopal Jee (198-203)

Comparative Analysis of ROGI based Shunt Active Power Filter under Current Fed and Voltage Fed Type Non-Linear Loading Condition ⁎ Alok Kumar Dubey;Jyoti Prakash Mishra;Amritesh Kumar (156-161)

A new consensus-based formation tracking scheme for a class of robotic systems using negative imaginary property Parijat Bhowmick;Arijit Ganguly;Sawan Sen (685-690)

Computing the Load Margin of Power Systems Using Crow Search Algorithm ⁎ Murilo E.C. Bento (271-275)

Optimal Control of Stochastic Magnetohydrodynamic Equations with Poisson Jumps K. Anukiruthika;N. Durga;P. Muthukumar (52-57)

Mathematical Modelling of AHWR steam drum dynamics for control studies K.N.V. Sairam;A.K. Mishra;S.R. Shimjith;A.P. Tiwari (369-374)

Legendre Neural Network based Intelligent Control of DC-DC Step Down Converter-PMDC Motor Combination Tousif Khan Nizami;Sasank Das Gangula;Ramanjaneya Reddy;Harsh S. Dhiman (162-167)

A Comparative Performance Analysis evaluation of Automatic Generation Control (AGC) of Multi-Area Power System with the impact of HVDC Links on the System Frequency using the Conventional PID and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller Getaneh Mesfin Meseret;Lalit Chandra Saikia (138-143)

Blood Glucose Regulation in Type-1 Diabetic Patients using Sliding Mode Control Based on Nonlinear Transformation Joanofarc Xavier;Noonela Divya;Meena B Krithiga;S.K. Patnaik;R.C. Panda (902-907)

Generalisation of a class of multi-wing chaotic systems and control of a new multi-wing chaotic system Shilalipi Sahoo;Binoy Krishna Roy (927-933)

Sparse Identification and SDRE based MRAC Scheme for a Van de Vusse Reactor Joanofarc Xavier;S.K. Patnaik;R.C. Panda (890-895)

Tracking and Interception of a Spiralling Ballistic Target on Reentry Aastha Dak;Rahul Radhakrishnan (339-344)

A Comparative Study of Observer-Based State-of-Charge Estimation using Single-Particle Model with Electrolyte Dynamics and Equivalent Circuit Model of Lithium-ion Cells Anirudh Nath;Rohit Mehta;Raghvendra Gupta;Supreet Singh Bahga;Amit Gupta等 (541-546)

Visual Magnitude Based Star Identification Initiation Routine for APS Star Trackers Vivek Chandran K P;Narayan Suresh Manjarekar;Pravin M Singru (180-185)

Higher Order Sliding Mode Controller for a Quadrotor UAV with a Suspended Load Anoop Chandra;Priya P.S. Lal (610-615)

Minimizing Heat Transfer Area of Plate-fin Heat Exchangers applying Class Topper Optimization Subinaya Mohapatra;Dushmanta Kumar Das;Amit Kumar Singh (878-883)

Dissipative Control for Single Flexible Joint Robotic System via T–S Fuzzy Modelling Approach ⁎ Rupak Datta;Rajeeb Dey;Nabanita Adhikari (637-642)

Polynomial based Impact Time and Impact Angle Constrained Guidance Prajakta Surve;Arnab Maity;Shashi Ranjan Kumar (486-491)

Performance Improvement of Electric Vehicle using Reset Switch and Bias Ayush Chauhan;Kuntal Mandal;Aurobinda Panda (144-149)

Dynamics of Bi-stable Energy Harvesters with Delayed Feedback Control Srimanta Lal De;Shaikh Faruque Ali (411-416)

Restructured LFC Scheme with Renewables and EV Penetration using Novel QOEA Optimized Parallel Fuzzy I-PID Controller Pulakraj Aryan;G. Lloyds Raja (460-466)

A Novel Decentralized FO Voltage and Current Control Scheme for Voltage and Frequency Regulation in Inverter Dominated Islanded Microgrids Using Improved Droop Control M.K. Behera;L.C. Saikia;S.K. Ramoji;B. Dekaraja;S.K. Bhagat (679-684)

Inverse Kinematic Solution of a 7 DOF Robotic Manipulator using Boundary Restricted Particle Swarm Optimization Arabinda Ghosh;Omkar Singh;Anjan Kumar Ray (101-105)

A modified IMC design for Second Order Plus Time Delayed Processes Pushkar Prakash Arya (843-847)

Bipartite Consensus Control of Multi-agent Systems Under Multiple Denial-of-Service Cyber Attacks Sourav Bhowmick;Bonty Halo;Surajit Panja (697-702)

Modeling and Control of port dynamics of a tilt-rotor quadcopter A Nikhilraj;Harsha Simha;H Priyadarshan (746-751)

Power Control Strategy for Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Fast Frequency Response Ancillary Service Raja Owais;Sheikh Javed Iqbal (949-954)

Robust Feedback Stability of Networked Multi-agent Negative Imaginary Systems on Undirected Graph Santosh Kumar Choudhary;Shreesha Chokkadi;G. Sudhakara (528-534)

Resilient Wide-Area Damping Controller Design Using Crow Search Algorithm ⁎ Murilo E.C. Bento (938-943)

Switching Control for Euler-Lagrange Dynamics: An Incremental Stability Approach Bhabani Shankar Dey;Indra Narayan Kar (555-560)

Explicit Model Predictive Control for a Highly Interacting System Hari S. Ganesh;Styliani Avraamidou;Iosif Pappas;Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos (247-252)

Asynchronous Switched Takagi-Sugeno H ∞ Filters Design For Switched Nonlinear Systems Issam Chekakta;Djamel E.C. Belkhiat;Kevin Guelton;Koffi M.D. Motchon;Dalel Jabri (351-356)

Prediction of COVID-19 Infected Population for Indian States through a State Interaction Network-based SEIR Epidemic Model ⁎ Piklu Mallick;Sourav Bhowmick;Surajit Panja (691-696)

Extended Kalman filter-based precise orbit estimation of LEO satellites using GPS range measurements S Kavitha;Prasanta Mula;Manamohan Kamat;S Nirmala;Joel George Manathara (235-240)

Impulse Response Estimation Using Online Built-In Self-Scaling Method Ai Hui Tan (327-332)

Internal model based dynamic sliding mode control for DC-DC boost converter Pushkar Prakash Arya (567-571)

Design and Test of a Controller for the Pluto 1.2 Quadcopter Nitika Jaggi;Koena Mukherjee;Munmun Khanra (752-757)

THE METHOD OF HYBRID FUNCTIONS FOR THE NUMERICAL SOLUTION OF THE HODGKIN-HUXLEY MODEL Anindita Ganguly;Manika Saha;Aniruddha Ghosh;Ursa Maity;Jan P. Kucera等 (623-630)

Dynamic Iterative Principal Components Analysis for Closed-loop, Model Identification Richa Katare;Deepak Maurya;Ravindra D. Gudi (393-398)

Position Tracking Control of Robotic System with Time-varying Delay and Dead-zone Xia Liu;Shini Chen;Yong Yang (399-404)

Spacecraft Reentry Trajectory Optimization using Search Space Reduction Technique Gangireddy Sushnigdha (46-51)

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