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Geoscience Frontiers

Geoscience Frontiers

Geoscience Frontiers

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Combined garnet, scheelite and apatite U–Pb dating of mineralizing events in the Qiaomaishan Cu–W skarn deposit, eastern China Yue Li;Feng Yuan;Simon M. Jowitt;Xiangling Li;Taofa Zhou (-)

Long-lived Nb-Ta mineralization in Mufushan, NE Hunan, South China: Geological, geochemical, and geochronological constraints Nuerkanati Madayipu;Huan Li;Thomas J. Algeo;Safiyanu Muhammad Elatikpo;Rub'son N'nahano Heritier (-)

Hydrocarbon fluid inclusions and source rock parameters: A comparison from two dry wells in the western offshore, India Silpa Thankan;V. Nandakumar;S. Shivapriya (-)

Change in carbonate budget and composition during subduction below metal saturation boundary Anton Shatskiy;Anton V. Arefiev;Konstantin D. Litasov (-)

CaAl 2Si 2O 8 polymorphs: Sensitive geothermometers and geospeedometers Liudmila A. Gorelova;Oleg S. Vereshchagin;Vladimir N. Bocharov;Sergey V. Krivovichev;Andrey A. Zolotarev (-)

Lithospheric dripping in a soft collision zone: Insights from late Paleozoic magmatism suites of the eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt Zheng Ji;Wen-Chun Ge;M. Santosh;Chuan-Biao Wan;Yan-Long Zhang (-)

Correlations among large igneous provinces related to the West Gondwana breakup: A geochemical database reappraisal of Early Cretaceous plumbing systems Antomat A. Macêdo Filho;Maria Helena B.M. Hollanda;Stephen Fraser;Alisson L. Oliveira;Alanny C.C. Melo (-)

Earthquake-induced liquefaction hazard mapping at national-scale in Australia using deep learning techniques Ratiranjan Jena;Biswajeet Pradhan;Mansour Almazroui;Mazen Assiri;Hyuck-Jin Park (-)

Lithospheric thinning and ignition of a Cordilleran magmatic flare-up: Geochemical and O-Hf isotopic constraints from Cretaceous plutons in southern Korea Albert Chang-sik Cheong;Min-Ji Jung;Hui Je Jo;Jeongmin Kim;Shinae Lee (-)

Developing an integrated urban ecological efficiency framework for spatial ecological planning: A case on a tropical mega metropolitan area of the global south Manob Das;Arijit Das;Paulo Pereira (-)

Geochronology and geochemistry of lithium-rich tuffs in the Sichuan basin, western Yangtze: Implication for the magmatic origin and final closure of eastern Paleo-Tethys Yuan Peng;Mianping Zheng;Yongsheng Zhang;Enyuan Xing;Baoling Gui (-)

Indian monsoon variability in the Mahanadi Basin over the last two glacial cycles and its implications on the Indonesian throughflow Jongmin Lee;Sunghan Kim;Minoru Ikehara;Keiji Horikawa;Yoshihiro Asahara (-)

Lithium extraction from salt lakes with different hydrochemical types in the Tibet Plateau Tao Ding;Mianping Zheng;Suping Peng;Yuhan Lin;Xuefei Zhang (-)

The significance of cherts as markers of Ocean Plate Stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental conditions: New insights from the Neoproterozoic–Cambrian Blovice accretionary wedge, Bohemian Massif Lukáš Ackerman;Jiří Žák;Václav Kachlík;Jan Pašava;Karel Žák (-)

A proto-monsoonal climate in the late Eocene of Southeast Asia: Evidence from a sedimentary record in central Myanmar Huasheng Huang;Robert J. Morley;Alexis Licht;Guillaume Dupont-Nivet;Daniel Pérez-Pinedo (-)

Spatial variability of soil water erosion: Comparing empirical and intelligent techniques Ali Golkarian;Khabat Khosravi;Mahdi Panahi;John J. Clague (-)

Remnants of the amalgamation of the east and west Cathaysia blocks revealed by a short-period dense nodal array He Huang;Xuzhang Shen;Jian Xu;Rui Gao;Wentian Wang (-)

Geochemistry and geochronology of multi-generation garnet: New insights on the genesis and fluid evolution of prograde skarn formation Gaobin Chu;Huayong Chen;Shitao Zhang;Yu Zhang;Jiamin Cheng (-)

Multivariate statistical analysis of chemical and stable isotopic data as indicative of groundwater evolution with reduced exploitation Fei Liu;Jingkun Zhang;Shiqin Wang;Jiawen Zou;Pinna Zhen (-)

Efficient stochastic analysis of unsaturated slopes subjected to various rainfall intensities and patterns Xin Gu;Lin Wang;Qiang Ou;Wengang Zhang (-)

A tale of elemental accumulation and recycling in the metamorphosed Keketale VMS-type Pb-Zn deposit, Altai Mountains Chao Sun;Huishan Zhang;Xiaoyong Yang;Wenhua Ji;Bo Chen (-)

Exploring the factors affecting urban ecological risk: A case from an Indian mega metropolitan region Manob Das;Arijit Das;Ashis Mandal (-)

Centrifuge modelling of landslides and landslide hazard mitigation: A review Kun Fang;Huiming Tang;Changdong Li;Xuexue Su;Pengju An (-)

A Laurentian affinity for the Embu Terrane, Ribeira Belt (SE Brazil), revealed by zircon provenance statistical analysis Bruno V. Ribeiro;Frederico M. Faleiros;Ginaldo A.C. Campanha;Peter A. Cawood;Christopher L. Kirkland (-)

Temperature and Hf-O isotope correlations of young erupted zircons from Tengchong (SE Tibet): Assimilation fractional crystallization during monotonic cooling Zipei Guo;Haibo Zou (-)