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Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity

Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity

Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity

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A System Dynamics Model for Dynamic Capability Driven Sustainability Management Fitsum Bayu;Eshetie Berhan;Frank Ebinger (1-27)

Implementing Industry 4.0 in Australia: Insights from Advanced Australian Manufacturers Claire M. Mason;Melanie Ayre;Shanae M. Burns (1-19)

Open Innovation, Soft Branding and Green Influencers: Critiquing ‘Fast Fashion’ and ‘Overtourism’ Philip Cooke;Sergio Nunes;Stefania Oliva;Luciana Lazzeretti (1-15)

Assessment of the Competitiveness and Effectiveness of an Open Business Model in the Industry 4.0 Environment Sandra Grabowska;Sebastian Saniuk (1-16)

Constructs of Project Programme Management Supporting Open Innovation at the Strategic Level of the Organisation Mateusz Trzeciak;Tomasz P. Kopec;Aleksy Kwilinski (1-17)

What Shapes Innovation Capability in Micro-Enterprises? New-to-the-Market Product and Process Perspective Maciej Zastempowski (1-26)

Opportunities and Adoption Challenges of AI in the Construction Industry: A PRISMA Review Massimo Regona;Tan Yigitcanlar;Bo Xia;Rita Yi Man Li (1-31)

Business Incubators, Accelerators, and Performance of Technology-Based Ventures: A Systematic Literature Review João Leitão;Dina Pereira;Ângela Gonçalves (1-22)

Innovative Business Strategies in the Face of COVID-19: An Approach to Open Innovation of SMEs in the Sonora Region of Mexico Luis Enrique Valdez-Juárez;Mauricio Castillo-Vergara;Elva Alicia Ramos-Escobar (1-24)

Methodology for Managing Disruptive Innovation by Value-Oriented Portfolio Planning Simon Weinreich;Tarık Şahin;Marco Karig;Thomas Vietor (1-22)

Open Innovation of Institutional Investors and Higher Education System in Creating Open Approach for SDG-4 Quality Education: A Conceptual Review Parvez Alam Khan;Satirenjit Kaur Johl;Shakeb Akhtar;Mohammad Asif;Anas A. Salameh (1-21)

Digital Influencers, Food and Tourism—A New Model of Open Innovation for Businesses in the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector Marzia Ingrassia;Claudio Bellia;Chiara Giurdanella;Pietro Columba;Stefania Chironi (1-29)

Maturity of Industry 4.0: A Systematic Literature Review of Assessment Campaigns Marta Flamini;Maurizio Naldi (1-20)

An Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Selection of a Given Form of Learning Elżbieta Macioszek;Agata Kurek (1-17)

Assessment of the Activities of European Cultural Heritage Tourism Sites during the COVID-19 Pandemic Mateusz Naramski;Adam R. Szromek;Krzysztof Herman;Grzegorz Polok (1-15)

Open Business Model of Eco-Innovation for Sustainability Development: Implications for the Open-Innovation Dynamics of Slovakia Erika Loučanová;Miriam Olšiaková;Jana Štofková (1-21)

The FDI Spillover Effect on the Efficiency and Productivity of Manufacturing Firms: Its Implication on Open Innovation Lilik Sugiharti;Mohammad Zeqi Yasin;Rudi Purwono;Miguel Angel Esquivias;Deasy Pane (1-20)

Do Digital Technologies Influence the Relationship between the COVID-19 Crisis and SMEs’ Resilience in Developing Countries? Afef Khalil;Mohammed El Amine Abdelli;Emmanuel Mogaji (1-14)

Open Innovation—Opportunities or Nightmares for the Shared Transport Services Sector? Katarzyna Turoń;Andrzej Kubik (1-19)

ICT Access and Entrepreneurship in the Open Innovation Dynamic Context: Evidence from OECD Countries Sofia Gomes;João M. Lopes (1-15)

Updating the Open Innovation Concept Based on Ecosystem Approach: Regional Aspects Oksana N. Kiseleva;Olga V. Sysoeva;Anastasia V. Vasina;Victor V. Sysoev (1-30)

Why Did Uber China Fail? Lessons from Business Model Analysis Yunhan Liu;Dohoon Kim (1-20)

Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on Dissemination of Innovative E-Learning Tools in Higher Education in Poland Kinga Stecuła;Radosław Wolniak (1-22)

The EU’s Gain (Loss) from More Emission Trading Flexibility—A CGE Analysis with Parallel Emission Trading Systems Mohammad M. Khabbazan (1-27)

Cooperation in Science and Innovation between Latin America and the European Union Simone Belli;Jenny Morín Nenoff (1-17)

Governance of Web-Based Idea Management System Rewards: From the Perspective of Open Innovation Elina Mikelsone;Jean-Pierre Segers;Aivars Spilbergs (1-28)

Framework for Measuring Process Innovation Performance at Indonesian State-Owned Companies Patdono Suwignjo;I Ketut Gunarta;Naning Aranti Wessiani;Andhika Eko Prasetyo;Lila Yuwana (1-22)

A New Stock Price Forecasting Method Using Active Deep Learning Approach Khalid Alkhatib;Huthaifa Khazaleh;Hamzah Ali Alkhazaleh;Anas Ratib Alsoud;Laith Abualigah (1-23)

Technological Capabilities, Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Technology-Based Start-Ups: The Resource-Based View Seungku Ahn;Kwon-Sik Kim;Kwang-Hoon Lee (1-16)

Investigating the Influence of Network Effects on the Mechanism of Disruptive Innovation Eko Agus Prasetio (1-15)

Open Innovation in the ICT Industry: Substantiation from Poland Józef Ober (1-33)

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Learning Innovations during COVID-19 Pandemic in Higher Education in Poland Kinga Stecuła;Radosław Wolniak (1-22)

Open Innovation for Sustainability in the Social Enterprises: An Empirical Evidence Budi Harsanto;Asep Mulyana;Yudi Ahmad Faisal;Venny Mellandhia Shandy (1-15)

Value Propositions in Heritage Tourism Site Business Models in the Context of Open Innovation Knowledge Transfer Adam R. Szromek (1-19)

Open Innovation and Determinants of Technology-Driven Sustainable Value Creation in Incubated Start-Ups Iveta Cirule;Inga Uvarova (1-33)

Business Strategies and Competitive Advantage: The Role of Performance and Innovation Ida Farida;Doddy Setiawan (1-16)

Networking of Research Institutes in Poland as a Method of Strengthening Open Innovation—Genesis and Initial Effects in the Area of Commercialization Izabela Jonek-Kowalska (1-21)

Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention: Focusing on Individuals’ Knowledge Exploration and Exploitation Activities Saerom Lee;Min-Jeong Kang;Byung-Keun Kim (1-16)

How Can Funding Drive Firm’s Performance in the In Vitro Diagnostics Industry? Minjoon Kim;Hyunyeong Kim;Kwangsoo Shin;Changhyeon Song (1-17)

Evaluating the Impact of E-Service Quality on Customer Intention to Use Video Teller Machine Services Hoang Viet Nguyen;Tuan Duong Vu;Bach Khoa Nguyen;Thi My Nguyet Nguyen;Binh Do (1-16)

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, and Risk-Taking Behavior in the 4.0IR Metaverse Era: Evidence from Bangladesh-Based SMEs Mohammad Rashed Hasan Polas;Asghar Afshar Jahanshahi;Ahmed Imran Kabir;Abu Saleh Md. Sohel-Uz-Zaman;Abu Rashed Osman (1-24)

Computational Clustering Applied to Mental Models for Understanding the Valley of Death in Innovation Processes Jim Giraldo-Builes;René Yepes;Iván Rojas;Juan Carlos Briñez-De León (1-17)

Is Innovation a Risky Business? A Comparative Analysis in High-Tech and Traditional Industries in Poland Tomasz L. Nawrocki;Izabela Jonek-Kowalska (1-29)

Open Innovation in Developing an Early Standardization of Battery Swapping According to the Indonesian National Standard for Electric Motorcycle Applications Wahyudi Sutopo;Dana Prianjani;Fakhrina Fahma;Eko Pujiyanto;Amran Rasli (1-23)

The Impact of Employee Development Practices on Human Capital and Social Capital: The Mediating Contribution of Knowledge Management Ahmad Adnan Al-Tit;Sura Al-Ayed;Abdulaziz Alhammadi;Mohammad Hunitie;Aktham Alsarayreh (1-17)

Factors Affecting Community Participation in Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Projects: Evidence from Mangrove Forest Management Project Thirdchai Sattayapanich;Piyapong Janmaimool;Jaruwan Chontanawat (1-28)

Public Policies, Open Innovation Ecosystems and Innovation Performance. Analysis of the Impact of Funding and Regulations Joana Costa;António Carrizo Moreira (1-18)

Circular Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets through the Lens of Sustainability Rui Miguel Dantas;Aamar Ilyas;José Moleiro Martins;João Xavier Rita (1-15)

Dynamic Effect of Flow on Impulsive Consumption: Evidence from Southeast Asian Live Streaming Platforms Pradeep Paraman;Sanmugam Annamalah;Peter Vlachos;Selim Ahmed;Arunnan Balasubramaniam (1-27)

An Empirical Analysis of Cashless Payment Systems for Business Transactions Mahfuzur Rahman;Izlin Ismail;Shamshul Bahri;Muhammad Khalilur Rahman (1-20)

An Updated Systematic Review of Business Accelerators: Functions, Operation, and Gaps in the Existing Literature Jaber Aljalahma;John Slof (1-16)

Sustainable Education and Open Innovation for Small Industry Sustainability Post COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Anne Charina;Ganjar Kurnia;Asep Mulyana;Kosuke Mizuno (1-21)

Evaluation of Technological Knowledge Transfer between Silicon Fen Firms and University of Cambridge Based on Patents Analysis Asma Rezaei;Ali Reza Kamali (1-21)

Strategy for Cultural Inclusion in New Product Development Processes: A New Zealand Study Sanjay Mathrani;Sara Diaa Eldin Ibrahim (1-15)