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Health Professions Education

Health Professions Education

Health Professions Education

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Geographic Trends in Team-based Learning (TBL) Research and Implementation in Medical Schools Jimmy Ming Hong;Preman Rajalingam (47-60)

The Role of Community-Based Education and Service (COBES) in Undergraduate Medical Education in Reducing the Mal-Distribution of Medical Doctors in Rural Areas in Africa: A Systematic Review Anthony Amalba;Francis A. Abantanga;Albert J.J.A. Scherpbier;Walther N.K.A. van Mook (9-18)

Effect of Motor Learning Theory-Assisted Instruction Versus Traditional Demonstration on Student Learning of Spinal Joint Manipulation Nicholas B. Washmuth;Sarah Ross;Andrea N. Bowens (72-84)

Successful Communication Skills Training for the Health Professions Henk T. Van der Molen (1-2)

The Leadership Authenticity of Women in the Academic Setting Mohamed S. Al-Moamary;Hanan M. Al-Kadri;Saad M. Al-Moamary;Hani M. Tamim (99-104)

Do community-based Medical Schools Produce More Community-based Research? A Review of Four Medical Schools in Sudan and Saudi Arabia Abdelrahim M. Gaffar;Mohi Eldin M.A. Magzoub;Ibrahim Mahmoud (19-30)

Use of Concept Retrieval Technique as an Assessment Tool of Long-term Knowledge of Medical Students Moeber Mahzari;Marwa Kambal;Tarig Mohammed;Awad Alshahrani;Fahad Al wadi (85-91)

Factors Affecting the Selection of Future Sub-specialties Among Paediatric Residents in Saudi Residency Training During the 2016–2017 Academic Year Alqanatish Jubran;Alahmed Yazeed;Albasheer Amr;Alenezi Malek;Nazish Masud (115-121)

Assessment of Dental Faculty Members’ Understanding of Statistical Concepts Matthew J. Hayat;MyoungJin Kim;Todd A. Schwartz;Michael R. Jiroutek (92-98)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Medical Education: A Narrative Review and Analysis Vignesh Ramachandran;Asad Loya;Kevin P. Shah;Shreya Goyal;Esha A. Hansoti等 (31-46)

Impact of the Classroom Learning Environment on Graduate Health Science Students' Clinical Reasoning Diane L. Laverty;Carol C. Thompson (61-71)

Status of Teaching Certificate Programs Offered by US Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy Mohammed Islam;Rose Bagheri;Lydia Lung;Sung Yuen Park;Rahmat Talukder (105-114)

The Optimum Use of Testimonials by Health and Social Care Students Facing Hearings to Consider Their Suitability for Their Intended Career and Possible Expulsion From an Education Programme Timothy J. David;Sarah Ellson (3-8)

Comparing the Effects of Individual Versus Group Face-to-Face Class Activities in Flipped Classroom on Students Test Performances Hawazen Rawas;Nusrat Bano;Salwa Alaidarous (153-161)

Factors Associated With Intention to Pursue Pharmacy Residency: The Undecided Student Issue Parna Haghparast;Damien Fisher;Benjamin Lewing;Sujit S. Sansgiry (170-175)

Developing Workforce Diversity in the Health Professions: A Social Justice Perspective Kirsten Wilbur;Cyndy Snyder;Alison C. Essary;Swapna Reddy;Kristen K. WillMary Saxon (222-229)

Utilisation and Evaluation of Cooperative Case-Based Teaching for Integration of Microbiology and Pharmacology in Veterinary Education Jacqueline Picard;Ruth Sutcliffe;Robert T. Kinobe (211-221)

Quality of Life and Stress Level Among Health Professions Students Abdulmalik M. Alkatheri;Amjad M. Qandil;Rami T. Bustami;Abdulkareem M. Albekairy;Abdalrhman H. Alanizi等 (201-210)

Are Listening and Interpersonal Communication Skills Predictive of Professionalism in Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Students? Ted Brown;Mong-lin Yu;Jamie Etherington (187-200)

Reconciling Assertive Communication Skills With Undergraduate Nursing Education: Qualitative Perspectives From British and Saudi Newly-Graduated Nurses Mansour Mansour;Aysar Jamama;Maha Al-Madani;Roslyn Mattukoyya;Abdelrahman Al-Anati (176-186)

Mindfulness Training: Success in Reducing First Year Health Professional Students’ Study and Exam Related Stress Simone J. Ross;Kimberley Owens;Andrew Roberts;Ernest Jennings;Martina Mylrea (162-169)

Postgraduate Medical Training and COVID-19 Pandemic: Should We Stop, Freeze, or Continue? Ali H. Algiraigri (123-125)

Visual Note Taking for Medical Students in the Age of Instagram Carol Ann Courneya;Susan M. Cox (126-135)

In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data: A Bayesian Approach to Standard Setting Jimmie Leppink (291-299)

Generalizability Theorys Role in Validity Research: Innovative Applications in Health Science Education Clarence Kreiter;Nikki Bibler Zaidi (282-290)

Impact of Structured Feedback on Examiner Judgements in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) Using Generalisability Theory Wai Yee Amy Wong;Chris Roberts;Jill Thistlethwaite (271-281)

A Comprehensive Template for Inclusion of Research in the Undergraduate Dental Curriculum Srinivas Sulugodu Ramachandra (264-270)

Threshold Concepts in the Discipline of Pharmacology - A Preliminary Qualitative Study of Students’ Reflective Essays Faraz Khurshid;Babu Noushad;Dean Whitehead (256-263)

Virtual Dissection: Alternative to Cadaveric Dissection for a Pregnant Nurse Anesthesia Student Nicholas B. Washmuth;Terri Cahoon;Katrina Tuggle;Ronald N. Hunsinger (247-255)

Evaluating Practice of Smartphone Use Among University Students in Undergraduate Nursing Education Sharifa Alsayed;Nusrat Bano;Hend Alnajjar (238-246)

Experiential Learning and Cultural Competence: What Do Participants in Short-Term Experiences in Global Health Learn About Culture? Peter S. Cahn;Sara L. Smoller (230-237)

Masters of Health Professions Education: Review of Current Programs in Saudi Arabia Ahmad A. Alanazi;Mohamud S. Mohamud (136-141)

The Effects of Teaching Mindfulness on Stress in Physical Therapy Students – A Randomized Controlled Trial Heather R. Kindel;Mary Ann Rafoth (142-152)

Investigating the Knowledge of Vector Concepts of First Year Medical Students Hisham N. Bani-Salameh;Kolthoom A. Alkofahi;Hasan M. Al-Khateeb;Sami H. Alharbi (428-433)

The Relationship Between Depression, Anxiety, and Burnout Among Physician Assistant Students: A Multi-Institutional Study Aimee K. Johnson;Sarah R. Blackstone;Ashley Skelly;Whitney Simmons (420-427)

Experiences of Multidisciplinary Health Professionals From a Culinary Medicine Cultural Immersion: Qualitative Analysis Melissa D. Olfert;Rachel A. Wattick;Rebecca L. Hagedorn (411-419)

Development and Validation of Authorship Order Score (AOS) for Scientific Publication Nazish Masud;Mohammed I. AlJasser;Emad Masuadi;Afaf Moukaddem;Aamir Omair等 (434-443)

Self-perceived Versus Supervisor-rated Technical Competence in Plain Film X-ray Evaluation by Newly Graduated radiographers: Implications for Curriculum Development and Practice in Zambia James M. Sichone;Michael Chigunta;Aubrey Kalungia;Phanny Nankonde;Patrick Kaonga等 (386-393)

Profile of an Allied Health Clinical Supervision Workforce: Results From a Nationally Representative Australian Practice-Based Research Network Brett Vaughan;Michael Fleischmann;Kylie Fitzgerald;Sandra Grace;Patrick McLaughlin等 (376-385)

Strategies to Combat Burnout During Intense Studying: Utilization of Medical Student Feedback to Alleviate Burnout in Preparation for a High Stakes Examination Jacob Shreffler;Martin Huecker;Leslee Martin;Susan Sawning;Selena Thé等 (334-342)

Why Every Clinician Should Know Bayes’ Rule Bea Tiemens;Renée Wagenvoorde;Cilia Witteman (320-324)

The USMLE, Kindness, and Other Criteria for Residency Applicants Benjamin R. Doolittle (317-319)

Distance e-Learning is Closer than Everybody Thought: A Pharmacy Education Perspective Amjad M. Qandil;Heba Abdel-Halim (301-303)

Time Pressure Experienced by Internal Medicine Residents in an Educational Hospital in Saudi Arabia: A Qualitative Study Dalal A. ALQahtani;Moeber M. Mahzari;Alanoud A. ALQahtani;Jerome I. Rotgans (354-367)

Forecasting Interest in Health Professions Education Based on Relative Search Volume Trends From the Philippines Junhel Dalanon;Yoshizo Matsuka (368-375)

Multimedia in Education: What do the Students Think? Tamara Vagg;Joy Y. Balta;Aaron Bolger;Mutahira Lone (325-333)

Self-Reported Stress and Coping Strategies of Occupational Therapy Faculty Employed at or Graduated from a Large Midwestern United States University Maura F. Tobin;Steven D. Taff (406-410)

An Ecological Systems Approach to Exploring Facilitators and Barriers to Success for Minority Students Enrolled in a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Keshrie Naidoo;Heather Yuhaniak;Yolanda Abel (394-405)

New Graduate Nurses’ Readiness to Practise: A Narrative Literature Review Mohamad AlMekkawi;Rouwida El Khalil (304-316)

Factors Influencing Student Success in Associate Degree Respiratory Therapy Programs Robert Mark Kinkle (343-353)

Do We Know Who the Person With the Borderline Score is, in Standard-Setting and Decision-Making Andrew S. Lane;Christopher Roberts;Priya Khanna (617-625)

Relationship between Course Evaluations and Course Grades in Six Allied Health Programs Emily Weidman-Evans;Sandra Hayes;Teresa Bigler (612-616)

Pain Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs of Allied Health Learners Across Three Curricular Models Kylie Fitzgerald;Elizabeth Devonshire;Brett Vaughan (552-563)

Native Arabic Language Use Acceptability and Adequacy in Health Professional Instruction: Students and Faculty’s Perspectives Ghaith M. Alfakhry;Mayssoon Dashash;Issam Jamous (454-464)

The Medici Effect and the Missing Element in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Benjamin R. Doolittle (445-446)

The Effect of Using Native versus Nonnative Language on the Participation Level of Medical Students during PBL Tutorials Maha A. Al Turki;Mohamud S. Mohamud;Emad Masuadi;Mohammed A. Altowejri;Abdullah Farraj等 (447-453)

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Grit as a Predictor of Academic Success: A Pilot Study Rebecca Bliss;Erin Jacobson (522-528)

Student Physical Therapists’ Perceptions of Clinical Reasoning: A Systematic Review of the Literature Nicholas LaRosa;Daniel Dinsmore (481-489)

Student Discipline. The Construction and Use of Warnings Concerning Past Behaviour Timothy J. David;Ellen I. Schafheutle;Penny McConnell;Hannah Quirk (490-500)

From Jerseys to Scrubs: Is Sport Background Associated with Medical Students’ Tolerance of Ambiguity and Uncertainty? Kalee Lodewyk;Delane Linkiewich;Ann Lee;Oksana Babenko (501-505)

The Characteristics of the Clinical Competence of Novice Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists at the Time of Hiring in a Single Institution in Japan Ikuo Motoya;Kazuya Takeda;Soichiro Koyama;Ryo Kojima;Yuichi Hirakawa等 (538-551)

MED-E-SIM: Inspiring Healthcare Career through Simulated Learning in Australian Senior Secondary School Students Alberto Au;Louise Palmer;Catherine Carbery (605-611)

Can We Teach Reflective Reasoning in General-Practice Training Through Example-Based Learning and Learning by Doing? Josepha Kuhn;Pieter van den Berg;Silvia Mamede;Laura Zwaan;Agnes Diemers等 (506-515)

Co-Development and Innovation in Global Health: A Case Study of Educational Change Rachel Locke;Colin Coles;Gwyneth Grout;Rosie M. Lusznat;Jo Overton等 (574-580)

Proposed Criteria for Assessment of Student Learning when Introducing New Manual Skills into the Entry-Level Physical Therapist Education Program Tiffany Enache;Yuri Yoshida;Vicky Saliba Johnson (581-593)

Beyond Lecturing: An Introduction to Gadamer's Dialogical Hermeneutics With Insights Into Health Professions Education Richard B. Hovey;Charo Rodríguez;Steven Jordan (465-471)

Analysis of Instructor Comments on Student Performance on Selected Assessment Activities in a Patient/Client Management Course Rolando T. Lazaro (529-537)

Self-Directed, Higher-Level Learning Through Journal Club Debates Jaclyn D. Cole;Melissa J. Ruble;Allison Povlak;Philip Nettle;Katherine Sims等 (594-604)

Barriers to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Radiography: A Review of Literature from Africa Osward Bwanga (472-480)

Calibration and Academic Performance in Students of Health Sciences Tricia R. Prokop (564-573)

Mental Health Matters: Mental Health and Overall Well-Being Among First- and Second-Year Medical Students Tobin Thuma;Marco Lawandy;Andrew Lotfalla;Mark Terrell;Christine Lomiguen (516-521)